Payroll Processing

From time entry to direct deposit

Payroll is one of the highest expenses for any business, so tracking it accurately should be first and foremost on your priority list.  TimeClick helps you with accurate and simple time tracking, giving you the power to manage your most valuable asset– your employees.


Gain Control with TimeClick:

  • Ensure the accuracy of payroll processing and payroll taxes.
  • Track employee status compliance for the Affordable Care Act.
  • Reduce  time and money spend on processing payroll
  • Easily export employee hours to any payroll software or service.


Start managing your payroll with TimeClick:



TimeClick users agree—it makes payroll simple!

“Each employee has their own individual account plus each employee can be categorized by department plus TimeClick is easy to use plus reports for payroll are easy to print. TimeClick has provided a more accurate record keeping of employee schedule and time worked.”

-Grete Lombardy, Keith Hardware, Ace Hardware