Payroll Software

How accurate is your payroll processing?

The most important step when processing payroll in any business is to accurately obtain time records for every employee. Most payroll programs have no time tracking capabilities, leaving most businesses without a way to properly log employee time. These businesses are struggling to find a way to accurately complete payroll in a timely manner. Start the process off right by keeping accurate timesheets for your employees.



Inaccurate or incomplete time records put employers at risk for wage and labor claims from employees. The simplest way to protect against such legal issues is to have an automated process which prevents time miscalculation, manipulation, and dishonesty. Automating your time keeping system saves time processing payroll and reduces  cost by ensuring employees’ payroll calculations are correct.



Payroll can be a time consuming process. Streamlining your payroll with an automated software solution saves time, money, and a lot of headaches. TimeClick is an affordable, user-friendly program which works with your payroll software to simplify payroll process. Calculating employee time that used to take hours, will only take minutes with TimeClick, and you can obtain a detailed, accurate record of your employees’ hours in just seconds. See a sample below.





TimeClick ensures that the first step of payroll process is performed accurately and efficiently. In order to facilitate payroll, the TimeClick reports will export to a .CSV (excel) file for easy importation to most payroll programs.


Passport Business Solutions (PBS) Payroll

We have partnered with Passport software to create a direct and seamless integration between TimeClick, our popular time clock software, and PBS payroll. This relationship gives TimeClick users a simple and streamlined integration process to one of the leading payroll providers.

PBS Payroll offers full support for federal payroll reporting and the tools required for specialized state reporting. It also includs the following features:

  • Extensive employee data
  • Supports salaried, hourly, contract employees who can be paid on a variety of cycles
  • Shift and Overtime differentials
  • Special pay requirements such as bonuses
  • Automated tracking of Holiday, Sick and Vacation time
  • Multiple fixed and variable deductions per employee are covered
  • Multiple check print options including direct deposit/ACH, Positive Pay and the ability to split pay into separate checks
  • Full range of tax calculation including multiple cities or states per employee
  • Interfaces automatically with PBS General Ledger, Check Reconciliation and Job Costing


Integration with Other Payroll Providers

All TimeClick reports can easily export to a .CSV (Excel) file. The.CSV file can then be imported into most major payroll solutions. This allows us to be able to integrate with many different  providers. In order to find out if TimeClick is compatible with your software, simply contact your  provider and ask if they support .CSV importation for employee hours.


Exporting TimeClick Hours to a .CSV

Follow the steps below to enable exportation to a .CSV file.

  1. Enable .CSV file creation
    1. Go into the admin mode; choose preferences and then password and misc controls
    2. Check the box that says create data extraction file
  2. Run the report you wish to export
  3. In the reports menu select the box that says open data extraction file


Start Saving with TimeClick Today

Check out the fully functional trial of TimeClick free for 30 days, and see how much more efficiently your payroll  works with accurate time records.  No credit card and no obligation required. In less than 5 minutes you will be on your way to improved payroll processing.