Employee Attendance Sheets Download

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Requiring your employees to record when they have worked or why they weren’t there isn’t a matter of mistrust, but a prudent business practice. Even times for exempt employees who aren’t eligible for overtime should be noted.  TimeClick® has saved you the trouble with this downloadable attendance sheet and guidelines for using it.

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Attendance Sheet
After filling in the basic information, an employee or supervisor may number the days of the month.  Scheduled off days may be left blank, but every other date should have a code letter entered.  We have used X for regular work days, S for sick days, H for holidays, V for vacation, P for PTO (Personal or Paid Time Off), U for unplanned PTO, D for bereavement, M for Different hours, Z for No Pay Time, and T for other. Your business may decide to change or add your own categories.  You could even formulate project codes which could then be used for billing.  Once completed, both the employee and supervisor should sign and date the sheet, as well as initial and corrections made.  The employee can make a copy for their own records.

Every business needs to record employee attendance and the reasons are numerous.

·         Attendance sheets may serve as the primary record for payroll calculation.

·         They may be used to document eligibility for the Affordable Care Act or other legislation.

·         Sick, vacation, PTO, bereavement, holiday, and other absences can be tracked.

·         Unplanned or unexcused absences can be documented.

·         The sheets can be used as an objective record in disputes.

·         It is recommended that employers keep these records in an employee file for 7 years after termination.

As you can see, an attendance sheet is very helpful under many circumstances, but they certainly have limitations.  The most glaring is that they track days, not hours.  With only a handful of hourly employees, this omission can cost your company thousands of dollars each year.  And even if every one of your employees were salaried and exempt under the FLSA guidelines, you’re still stuck manually calculating the days or hours.

What’s the next step?

You can try an employee timesheet, which we have here, but even those are stopgap solutions.  The best way is to get automated.  TimeClick can help you track employee time and save your administrators hours every pay period.  Try the free 30 day trial today. In less than 5 minutes you can install the program and there is no obligation or credit card required.

 The benefits of TimeClick

·         One-time fee starting at just $99.

·         Requires only your PCs—no additional hardware to buy.

·         Track regular and overtime hours.

·         Track accruals—sick, vacation, and personal time off.

·         Easily add or correct employee times.

·         Secure administration mode with comprehensive audit reports.

·         Reports available in print, XPS/PDF documents, and Excel format for payroll integration.

·         Employees are able to view their own hours and accruals.

·         Access award-winning US based support by phone, email, or live chat.

·         Automatically deduct lunch breaks.

·         Determine Affordable Care Act eligibility and other legislative compliance.

·         Easily access old records even for terminated employees.


Save time. Save money.

Having attendance sheets is an important first step, but tedious and can’t provide all the information your company may need.  TimeClick can track much more information, calculate overtime and accruals, and make it accessible to your administrators in seconds, all while saving you time and money.  We’ve been providing user friendly time clock software and support since 1993.  Here is what Natalie from Bite Family Dentistry has to say:

“I recently started using Timeclick Software and have been wondering ever since why I didn’t find it sooner!  It was so easy to install and the support from the company was excellent, answering all my questions and helping me in a timely manner.  It is going to save me so much time every month and eliminate all the errors we were having with manual calculations! I highly recommend this product.”