Employee Time Clocks

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Four things to Avoid in Employee Time Clocks

There are several pitfalls to watch out for when choosing a time clock solution.  Efficiency is paramount in all areas of business and time keeping is no exception.  Whether it is initial cost, continuing expenses, or security you will need to balance all of the criteria in order to choose the right solution for your company.   Here are four things you will want to avoid when selecting a solution:


Lack of automation

The first and easiest trap to avoid is a system which lacks automation.  Ledger books or mechanical punch clocks were fine for their day, but are prone to errors in recording or processing. They lack automation, requiring manual labor to input and calculate the hours, wasting valuable resources.  Computers on the other hand are fast and accurate–made for repetitive tasks like timekeeping.  A simple spreadsheet beats a ledger, but is still time intensive.  Sophisticated software has integrated reporting and advanced accrual features which can track not just actual work hours, but sick time, vacation, and paid time off.  Let automation save your human resource and management staffs untold hours, freeing them to work on other projects.



Hardware investment

The best solution is one that operates in the environment you already have.  Why spend money on devices which perform just one function when you already own a piece of equipment that’s even more capable?  In today’s competitive business environment, that is the very definition of waste.  Devices cost money.  They wear out and cost more money to repair or replace.  They use ink and timecards which cost more money still.  Computers are a significant investment, but a standard part of any business’s infrastructure, so use them to your greatest advantage.



Recurring fees

Recurring fees are the biggest money-vacuum when it comes to employee time clocks.  Subscriptions with modest monthly payments seem reasonable until you look at the balance sheet at the end of the year…and are stuck repeating it the next.  Functionally, an on premise solution and a web based solution will have very comparable features.  The only difference is where the program is stored. With a subscription based solution, the company is housing the time data for you, and you are paying them a monthly fee to store it. Time data is very compact and can easily be stored on any computer. Essentially, you are renting computer storage space when you already have your own.    Find a great product to buy instead of rent.



Lack of security

Finally, no one likes to think of their trusted employees as anything less than pillars of integrity, but that probably isn’t realistic.  Human nature has a way of allowing someone to rationalize: “It’s just a few minutes here and there.”  The traditional methods of hours tracking are extremely vulnerable to time theft, whether employees fudge their self-reported clock in/out times, participate in “buddy punching”, or take longer breaks or lunches than allotted.  While no system is completely immune, effective automated software can combat these failures with time-synced servers, passwords, and automatic lunch deduction.  Additional audit features expose any altered records and can ensure employees clock in and out from authorized locations only.


Consider these factors when choosing your methods of time tracking.

  • Automated systems will be faster, more accurate, and provide additional labor-saving features.
  • Software solutions will require a smaller investment than physical hardware, but beware the companies who will try to mine your business as a continuous source of revenue.
  • Finally, you’ll need to be confident that the security features of your time clock are robust enough to protect your business and its employees.


Weigh each of these and your business will run more smoothly and be more profitable.


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