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Free Employee Timesheets in Word, Excel, PDF and XPS formats.

Using paper and pencil to manually track employee hours has been a common business practice for hundreds of years. Tracking employee time is a chore every business owner would like to avoid. We are pleased to provide you with several employee time sheet templates in  different formats to help accommodate your specific needs. These templates allow you to record and track up to 14 days worth of data and then print them for payroll processing.

Microsoft Word Template

Excel Template

PDF Template

XPS Template


Paper templates, however, are not the most accurate or efficient method of keeping employee time. Timesheet software such as TimeClick provides you with accurate time records and comprehensive reports in second, this saves time for employees who manually fill out sheets and for the human resource staff to manually total them. You can try TimeClick free for 30 days, no credit card or obligation is required, and see how much more efficiently your business will run if you automate your tracking.




Below, we have provided a few tips and tricks for managing the templates provided, as well as some added benefits of tracking employee time using TimeClick.



    • Use military time – If employees are writing their hours, have them use military time instead of am and pm. For example, 1330 instead of 1:30 pm. This will make totaling hours much faster during payroll processing.


    • Require a signature – In any kind of law suit or labor dispute, having signed time records will be invaluable when trying to prove proper payment was made for hours worked. In a court room, if it isn’t signed, it is nothing more than a piece of paper.


    • Calculating weekly and daily overtime simultaneously – Some states and employers will pay overtime based on daily and weekly totals. The simplest way to perform this calculation is to figure the daily overtime and then the weekly overtime and award the employee the higher of the two.


    • Establish a rounding policy – Some employers find themselves dealing with employees watching the clock and coming in a few minutes early or leaving a few minutes late. To prevent this, set up a company policy for rounding time to the nearest one, five, ten or fifteen minutes, and make sure everyone is aware of the policy.


    • Track everyone’s hours – Payroll only requires you to track hourly employees’ time. However, to properly manage your workforce and ensure everyone is accountable for their time, a record of everyone’s hours should be kept.



Benefits of Automated Time Tracking

    • Save time processing payroll – Instead of manually adding times, which is tedious and labor intensive, let a computer program perform the same calculations that used to take hours, in a matter of seconds. Your time is your most valuable asset. It should be spent on meaningful tasks to grow your business not practicing your 5th grade math skills.


    • Decrease labor cost – Most employees are honest, but even the honest employees make mistakes when filling out timesheets. Human nature dictates that those mistakes almost always favor the employee not the employer. Inaccuracies of just 5 or 10 minutes per day for each employee add up very quickly. An automated system will eliminate these errors.


    • Vacation, sick and PTO tracking – Manually keeping track of vacation, sick, and PTO is a headache at the very least. Accurately keeping those records with pencil and paper is next to impossible. If you award accrued time to your employees, do yourself a favor, and let your computer do the work for you.  


    • Labor law compliance – Every state has differing and sometimes complex labor laws regulating workers. With the new national health care laws going into effect, monthly and weekly time records will be required to distinguish between full and part time employees. Computer generated reports will quickly allow you to ensure you are compliant with the regulations Uncle Sam requires.


    • No additional hardware cost – TimeClick runs on the PC’s you already have in place. Since there are no additional upfront costs for hardware, as with a mechanical punch clock, it makes TimeClick the preferred choice of businesses worldwide.



Customer Review

“We needed a computer-based program to keep employees honest when they are coming and going from work. TimeClick is very straightforward. It has multiple codes for absences. It definitely serves the purpose. The quality is very good. Customer service is always happy to help when I have questions. I’m really happy with the customer service. They are also friendly and willing to help. Not to mention, they actually know what they are doing when asked.” – Shayna, DS Electric