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Customizing your Employee Timesheet with TimeClick

Each business is a unique entity with its own set of specific needs, difficulties, and challenges for timesheet management. Processing payroll is one area which typically presents business owners with problems. Many simple or prepackaged solutions cannot handle the unique requirements that  independent businesses encounter. It is important to find a solution which provides the flexibility to track employee hours accurately and efficiently, given your specific set of business practices. The most effective method of managing employee time is with software that allows you to tailor your employee timesheets. TimeClick has over 20 customizable reports to help streamline payroll to fit your company needs.


Configure Reporting Preferences

Within the administration mode of TimeClick you can set up your own preferences in two places. The first option is in the top Preferences button. The second is in the Report Preferences menu towards the bottom of the administration options.  Below is a list of the configuration settings available for reports.

Under the Preferences menu you can set up configuration settings such as:


  • Pay Periods – supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and even daily pay periods.
  • Week Start Day – lets your pay period begin on any day of the week you would like.
  • Rounding – set times to be rounded to the nearest one, five, ten, or fifteen minutes.
  • Employee Privileges – allow or disallow employees to view their own hours and accrued time.
  •  Set Default Report Dates – set the specific dates for you pay period so TimeClick will always default the dates when running a report to your current or previous pay period.


Under Report Preferences menu:

  • Print employee signature line – adds a line for the employee to sign, verifying that the hours listed on their timesheet are correct.
  • New page for each employee – puts each employee on their own page to keep the hours separate. Leave this option unselected to shorten the report and put multiple employees on each page.
  • Reports alphabetically – sort the employees based on their last name. If left unselected the employees will be sorted based on their employee number.
  • Set up Overtime calculations – there are three options for OT calculations, by day, week, or pay period. For each option you can specify how many hours and minutes the employee must work before being awarded OT, for example after working 7 hours 30 minutes per day, 40 hours per week or 80 hours per pay period.
  • Include non-work hours towards Overtime – allows you to choose if you want to included or exclude any of the following types of hours when calculating overtime:  vacation, sick, holiday, PTO, or bereavement.
  • Include/exclude employees based on type – You can choose to include or exclude employees on reports based on their status, active or terminated and based on type, full-time, part-time, temporary, or exempt.


When running reports you can customize further if necessary.


  • Employee Totals – on the report choose to display each clock action with the time, daily totals and employee totals, just daily totals and employee totals, or just employee totals.
  • Flexible Report Dates – adjust reports to any range you would like
  • Printer Selection – select from which printer to print reports or save them in PDF or XPS format.
  • Export to Excel –Export any hours report to a .CSV (Excel file) for further manipulation or importation into other programs.


Additional Custom Programming

In our upgrade to the LE versions of TimeClick, we moved to a SQL backend which provides greater database stability and easier data manipulation. The newer versions also provide an ODBC (open database connectivity) database source. This means we can create a live connection from the TimeClick database to Microsoft Excel or Access and import the data in real time into those programs. Once the data is there we can provide custom programming to manipulate the data to fit virtually any need a client may have.

Possible customs reports include, but are not limited to; shift differential tracking, late and absent reporting, OT after midnight or on weekends, and on call tracking. This flexibility allows us to adjust our data reporting to meet our customer’s time and attendance software needs in almost any situation. If you are interested in custom reporting you will need to contact our support staff for more details.

Having the ability to process employee timesheets with all the information needed for payroll is invaluable. TimeClick provides this service at an affordable one-time price, making this service an attractive option for businesses of any size.  Our full function trial allows you use and evaluate the software with no obligation, free for 30 days.   See if TimeClick is the right fit for you. Use the link below to start your free trial or contact our sales and support staff for live a web demonstration of the program.