Free Time Tracking

Is your tracking method robbing you?

It all starts with recording when your employees come and go.  Every day, your employees arrive at work, take breaks, go to lunch, return from lunch, and leave for the day.  These daily actions affect your business profits — not only in lost productivity and work accomplished, but in explicit payroll costs.

For countless businesses,  free employee time tracking has been accomplished with paper and pen. This has introduced a form of accountability to employees, but is far too easily abused– there are multiple forms of time theft which rob you of your profits.


Time Card Theft

This can occur when employees over-report the amount of hours they have worked in a day.  Whether they fudge a little on their clock in and out times or say their break is shorter than it actually was, these minutes add up to hours, which equates to thousands of dollars each year for you in time theft.


Excess Break Time Theft

Statistically, this is the most likely culprit.  Are your employees taking longer breaks then they are supposed to?  Are they taking more breaks than they’re allowed?


Internet Time Theft

How much time do your employees spend on the internet for non-work related items?  One of the hardest to monitor, this can include searching the internet, spending time on social media, and texting.


Using an automated time and attendance tracking system allows you to monitor when and where your employees are clocking in and out, how much time they are spending on break, and making them accountable for their productivity during their hours worked.  Using paper and pen is tedious and inaccurate due to time card theft and your employees abusing the system.


Increase your profits

With an electronic time tracking solution, you not only make your employees accountable, but you are given the tools to quantitatively analyze employee productivity.  Being able to monitor their hours, paid break time, lunch hour, and paid time off, you will be able to strategically manage your employees’ time and payroll expenses and work towards eliminating time theft.


So while paper and pen is a free time tracking tool, make sure it isn’t robbing you of your profits.


Try our solution free for 30 days.  Features include:

  • Automatically record your employees’ hours.
  • Track employee overtime and potential payroll bloat.
  • Monitor the number of employee breaks and time spent on each.
  • Powerful reports that help you analyze your employee’s time.
  • Track an unlimited number of employees.
  • Ensure the accuracy of your employees’ clock in and out times.