Free Time Card Calculator

by Admin

As a business owner or bookkeeper, you have a responsibility to the company and each employee to ensure accurate records are kept. When you’re talking about your work force, poor bookkeeping can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars in overpaid wages, over or under scheduling, poor morale, or costly settlements and fines due to labor disputes. We have two free options for tracking employee time.

Online Option

We have a free online time clock calculator . This online tool allows you to quickly generate a report that calculates regular hours and overtime. You can even email yourself a PDF of the time card.

Download Option

First you’ll need to record precise clock in and out times on a worksheet or time card. If you need a time card template, you may download one in XPS form here for free. It is a good idea to keep copies of this raw data on file, signed by both the employee and their supervisor, in the event of a dispute or labor claim. Once you have documented the daily work hours, you will find it easier to manage if you convert the minutes to a decimal. Divide the minutes by 60 or round them to the nearest tenth of an hour—every 6 minutes is equal to .1 hrs. This will make calculating total hours much simpler later on.

Once you have recorded a full pay period of work days, you are ready to use our free time card calculator. Change the starting week on the top line to the starting week of your pay period. The rest of the dates will automatically fill. Enter the daily decimal hour totals in the corresponding field. Note that you may also enter time off, whether unpaid or paid, such as holiday, vacation, or sick time. The form will total all work and non-worked hours by day, each category of time by the week, the weekly total of paid non-work time, and calculate overtime as well. Once again, we recommend employee and manager signatures once completed. We have provided areas for those, in addition to a comments section to clarify any irregularities. This is what the form looks like:


Once you have entered all the necessary information into the time card calculator, you have the basics for completing payroll. But what if you have greater needs, such as figuring out how much sick or vacation time an employee has earned? A time clock program can completely integrate this process and can handle much more than any spreadsheet, and TimeClick® is one of the top rated time clock software available.

By switching to TimeClick you will be able to:

  • Provide a simple and secure method for employees to clock in and out.
  • Report regular employee hours and overtime whenever and for any interval you wish—making payroll, Affordable Care Act compliance, and many other functions a snap.
  • Make corrections to the inevitable employee mistakes and still maintain all “original” records.
  • Award and manage sick, vacation, PTO, holiday, bereavement, and “other” time.
  • Allow employees to submit time off, leave a message for the administrator, or view their own hours.
  • Spread the administrative load by assigning Department Supervisors.
  • Ease the burden on the HR staff with highly configurable reports and a variety of output choices; screen/print, PDF or XPS electronic document, or .CSV (Excel) files.

These are just a few benefits of automation. Using a free time card calculator is fine for a while, but TimeClick will save you more than you realize.

Every business must keep accurate records, and it all begins with the work force. They count on a reliable employer, who in turn needs to make sure the business remains competitive. This can only be done if employees are efficiently scheduled and the company isn’t wasting money on over-payment or having the HR staff spend needless hours processing time cards and payroll. Try TimeClick free for 30 days and see how much it can improve your bottom line.