Online Punch Clock

by Admin

The Key Benefits 

The evolution of the online punch clock has been tremendously valuable for modern businesses, with obvious advantages over hand-written records or mechanical units.  These are the most important:

  • Save Time – Automated systems save your administrators countless hours during processing.
  • Save Money – Reduce employee overtime and time theft, while immediately improving your bottom line.
  • Accurate Record Keeping – Computers are much more accurate and eliminate the chance for human calculation error.
  • Layers of security – These can be IP address/location based, password/biometric checks, time stamping, or audit features.
  • Employee Management – Employees may be able to view their work hours or sick/vacation accruals in real time.
  • Record Organization – Access to previous months and years is a snap and you’ll never have to dig through file cabinets for old records again.
  • No Additional Hardware Required – Specialized hardware is not required.  Access the application from computers you already own.


Access from Anywhere

Employees may access it from any location with internet access. Automation is clearly the way to go, but there are a few negatives for you to consider.  The network that makes online punch clocks so convenient can become a source of frustration if the internet connection is slow or unreliable on either end.  Security should always be a priority.  Whenever your company will be exchanging data with any third party, you should be aware of their reputation and know exactly what they have access to.  And certainly not least, is cost.  Not many things are cheaper than pencils and sheets of paper.  Effective time tracking is no different.  Online solutions offer many benefits, but a smart consumer will weigh their drawbacks as well.


Can it be Improved?

Many online punch clocks are sold as a service.  These companies host the program and data for you, and charge monthly or yearly recurring fees to do so.  Over the long term, these subscription servicesare the most expensive option out there.  With TimeClick®, we solve the typical shortcomings of online punch clocks, and it begins with your business owning and hosting the software.  How does that simple change help you?

  • Cost – By hosting your own software and data, you avoid the parasitic subscription fees.  Time data is quite small, so why rent computer space when you already own more than enough?
  • Privacy – Another perk to hosting your own program: nobody else has access to any of your data—time clock, personnel, or otherwise.
  • Simplicity – Our software is very user friendly.  Employees can learn it in seconds and administrators will find their features intuitive as well.
  • Advanced Features and Create Specialized Reports – These save even more administrative time by automatically calculating accruals and giving you a choice of over two dozen reports.
  • Updates, and System Maintenance – TimeClick® allows you to perform these at your convenience so there will be no surprise outages.
  • Reliability – Unless you have remote offices or employees, you won’t have to depend on someone else’s internet connection.
  • Support – Our friendly and knowledgeable team is industry leading.  We are located in the U.S. and available when you need us—Mondays through Fridays between 8 am and 5 pm, MST.


Online punch clocks give you the automation to efficiently record and process employee hours, but TimeClick® goes the extra mile.  Enjoy reliability, security, and savings with America’s favorite time clock program — and the longer you use our software, the more value you’ll get.  But don’t take our word for it, read what one of over 5,000 satisfied TimeClick® customers has to say:


“The TimeClick software is very easy to use. Even employees that are “tech-challenged” are  comfortable using the software. Very little training is required for our staff. The reports are exactly what we need for our business. It is very cost-effective. The sales staff goes out of their way to make sure that we are happy. The support staff is very good.”

John – Boys & Girls Club  of Western Broome, Inc.