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How to Get an Affordable Online Timesheet

With the advent of online software applications, businesses have started to trend toward hosted programs and software as a service (SAAS) applications. These types of applications can be extremely useful, but that usability comes at an additional cost. Most small business owners need a more affordable option that still provides them same functionality and usability.


SAAS and Hosted Applications

If you use a web hosted or software as a service application, you are paying for a service instead of a product. Essentially, you are paying rent for storage space on someone’s servers.  Almost without exception, these applications will charge you a monthly fee to host your database. It doesn’t take very many months before the cost exceeds that of a traditional program. Software developers have realized there is continuous revenue to be earned by providing these services as opposed to providing a product. Hence, they have pushed their customers and their development towards a service based model instead of product based model. However, that is definitely not the most affordable solution and may not be the right direction for your business.


Cost vs. Functionality

Functionally, an online application and an on premise solution are virtually identical. The only perceived difference is that if you are using an online solution, an employee would be able to connect to the program from anywhere, and if the program is housed on your network then they cannot. This is not always the case. Currently, many online timesheet programs that are server/client based can connect remote locations together through a process known as port forwarding. This means that you can get the exact same functionality for a fraction of the cost.


What is Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is a very common process used by network administrators to connect computers that are on separate networks.  Every computer program connects to the other computers on a network through a specified port. If you are in a remote location that is not on the same network, then you use the internet to connect the remote computer to the other network.  For obvious reasons, your router, which is your connection to the internet, doesn’t allow outside computers to connect to the network unless you tell it to do so.  When port forwarding is enabled, an exception is made in the router to allow certain remote computers to connect to the network using only the specified port for the timesheet program. This means that only the computers you allow will have access to your network, and they will only have access to the programs running on the specified port.


Timesheets by TimeClick®

TimeClick® allows you to access employee time records in remote locations as long as they have an online internet connection and port forwarding enabled. This provides the exact same functionality as a web-hosted solution.  Here are some of TimeClick’s many features.


  • Low one-time price — starting as low as $99 and NO monthly fees, make it easy and affordable for any business to track their employees’ time using TimeClick®.
  • Grows with your business — TimeClick® allows you to track an unlimited number of employees. As your business adds additional or seasonal employees, you will not incur any additional costs.
  • Exportable reports – with the click of a button, you can export any of the TimeClick® payroll reports to Excel for additional customization or importation into a payroll program.
  •  Accrual tracking – keep track of your employees’ vacation, sick, and PTO accruals as well as their holiday, bereavement, and break time.
  • Secure administration – the secure administration mode allows you full access to employee records behind a password login. Quickly add employees, modify times and run time reports from any computer.




With more than 20 years’ experience creating employee timesheets, TimeClick® has helped over 5000 businesses worldwide more effectively manage their payroll by automating their time record keeping.  Our quick 5 minute installation and 30 day free trial make getting started easy. No credit card or obligation required. Our U.S. based training and support staff are ready and waiting to help you find an affordable online timesheet solution today.


“TimeClick has been an enormous help to keep track of the employee hours, vacation time, and other time off. It allows each employee to track their own hours each day if they want.  As an employer, we can run reports on all employees or individual employees as needed.  It is easy to use for everyone.”                    – Cindy