Time Sheet

Employee Time Made Simple


Take Control of Your Payroll

Eliminating the manual process of adding up timesheets with TimeClick increases your business’ efficiency, and prevents time inaccuracies, decreasing your company’s payroll expenses.  Tracking employee’s time is easy.  TimeClick allows employees to clock in and out on their computers, has flexible payroll periods, and reports employees’ time in hours and minutes or decimal format.  Eliminate paper time sheets that cost you, and allow our software to accurately track your employees’ time.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Employee Time Tracking
  • Track and Unlimited Number of Employees
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Paid Time Off Tracking
  • Auto Lunch Deductions
  • Accrual Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking
  • No Employee Training Required


Affordable Pricing

TimeClick is a simple, budget friendly solution for small businesses.  With a onetime cost, TimeClick is the proven solution to replacing paper time sheets and reducing payroll costs without the expense of large scale time clock implementation.  Starting at just $99, you will see why TimeClick is the most affordable software on the market.


There’s No Time like Real Time

Tracking your employee’s time and attendance is a breeze with TimeClick.  Monitor the hours your employees have worked from any computer on your network or in a remote location. TimeClick’s time sync feature ensures your exempt and nonexempt employees are paid correctly and their hours are accurate.


No Additional Hardware Required

TimeClick easily installs onto your existing computers in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the cost of additional hardware and installation IT services to track employee time sheets. TimeClick will run on any PC with Windows 7 or newer.


Time Entry to Payroll

Export your employee’s time data in seconds for import into your payroll.  Go from clock in to payroll in minutes.


Easy to Use

TimeClick is easy to use and your employees will love it too.  They will be satisfied, knowing that their payroll hours are correct, and you will be happy with the time and money you save.


Try the software free for 30 days

Want to see if TimeClick is the right replacement for your company?  Try the fully functional version free for 30 days.  No credit card is required and there is no obligation.  Enter your employees and start tracking their time.  If you like what you see, purchasing a license will unlock your trial and you can keep using TimeClick without interruption, no additional installation or set up necessary.




“There is nothing better about TimeClick than how easy it is to use. That is true whether you are a non-exempt staff member, clocking in and out every day, or if you are the office administrator, working in the administrative mode. Clocking in and out? Easy! Adding a new user? Easy! Fixing a user error? Also easy! ”  – Kara, Ogborn Mihm LLP