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Integrating Employee Timesheets with your Payroll

Payroll is one of those tasks which nobody likes, but everyone has to do. Most small businesses owners would love to spend less time running payroll and more time growing their business. The TimeClick® application allows a business owner to quickly track employees’ time and calculate total hours worked including a breakdown of overtime, sick, vacation, PTO and break time. That data can be exported seamlessly into a .CSV format to be imported into your payroll application. Streamlining payroll in this manner ensures efficiency and accuracy. That saves time, which can be spent on more productive tasks.


Which file formats and programs can TimeClick be exported into?

Every TimeClick report will export to a .CSV (Excel) file. This is most common format used by software programs to import data. While most payroll programs will import .CSV files, there are a few who will not or require the data to be formatted in a specific way in order to import. Our support team is available to show you how to alter the format of the time data within Excel to meet your needs. However, you will need to contact your specific payroll provider for instructions on importing data into their system and the required format. TimeClick runs on an SQL database and has an ODBC driver that allows us to connect your database directly to many programs. For more information on this process contact our support staff.


How to export a report                     


Exporting a report from within TimeClick is a simple process. The first step is to tell the program that you want to create an extraction file when a report is run.  You do this by going into the Administration mode, choosing Preferences, and click Passwords and Misc Controls. In that window there is a check box that says Create Data Extraction File. Be sure that box is checked.



Once you have checked that box, each time you run a report, a .CSV copy of it will be created. In order to open the .CSV, you will need to go to the Reports menu and choose the report you would like to run. For importation into your  payroll software, we recommend using the Combined Hours and Overtime Summary Report found under the Review, then close the report. Return to the report menu and select Open Extraction File.


This will then immediately open an Excel version of the last report you ran. It is important to note that each time you run a report, the temporary file will be overwritten, but don’t worry—you can always go into TimeClick and rerun the report. If you want to permanently save a report, you will need to use the Save As option within Excel. Once the data is in Excel it can be manipulated as needed for an import into another program. The simplest way to automate the changes is to enable a macro in Excel.


Can data be imported directly into TimeClick

When you are initially creating your database, you can send us the information you would like to be imported and we will send you completed database back to you within an hour. We are able to import employee lists, previous clock in/out times, employee information, accruals, and departments. Currently there is no way for an end user to import data, but that feature may be added in the future.


The TimeClick difference

TimeClick has been providing time sheet software to businesses for over 20 years. As experts in efficiency, we help you to quickly process employee timesheets. With the click of a button, the program will prepare the total hours for each employee and export them for importation into a payroll software. Take advantage of TimeClick’s free 30 day trial to see how much easier running payroll can be.  Join the thousands of satisfied customers who are already using TimeClick to integrate with their payroll.


“Easy to install and easy to make adjustment for employees that forget to punch in or out. It’s an inexpensive way to have a computer time clock without all the headaches of a traditional time clock and having to post time to your accounting system.“ – Glen, Ace Hardware, Tucson, AZ