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TimeClick – Designed by a Small Business, for a Small Business


TimeClick is an ideal solution because it was designed in a small business environment to meet the time tracking needs of a small business. Over 20 years ago, TimeClick originated as a solution to a common business problem. This is the TimeClick story.


In the early 1990’s, a computer software company, Financial Computer Services Inc., found itself in need of a simple and efficient way to keep track of their employees’ time. After a lengthy but unsuccessful search for an adequate solution, they decided to create their own automated payroll time clock program, and the TimeClick predecessor, TimeKeeper was born. It created streamlined, functional reporting, making payroll processing much faster and more accurate.  Automating their time tracking lowered labor costs by preventing time discrepancies, and substantially decreased the time needed to process payroll. Financial Computer Services Inc. used and loved the software for years, even sharing it with some of its own business partners.


After several years, ownership saw the potential to add TimeKeeper to its own product line, helping other companies tackle their own payroll problems. After a few minor tweaks to the programming, TimeKeeper was rebranded as TimeClick and released to the public in 1993. Due to its innovative design and simple interface, TimeClick was an excellent fit for businesses everywhere. Knowing that most companies cannot afford a dedicated IT staff, Financial Computer Services Inc. always placed a premium on providing customer service. The customer service team was based in the United States, providing convenient customer service hours for phone, email, and live chat support and improving the quality of service they were able to provide.  The TimeClick support team has received several awards for their outstanding service. The most satisfying, however, are the five star customer ratings and reviews for support and service on websites such Software Advice and Capterra.


Eventually, Financial Computer Services became Hawkeye Technology, LLC. In spite of the ever changing technology sector, TimeClick continues to innovate and lead the way in employee time keeping. Each year, new versions of TimeClick are released, based on user suggestions. Over the past twenty years, the program has become more sophisticated, adding features such as accruals, auto lunch deductions, remote connectivity, custom reporting, and much more. Notwithstanding all the great additions to the program, TimeClick has managed to maintain an easy to use employee interface, and simple hours reporting for payroll processing. This continued innovation has led to TimeClick receiving the Gold Award in excellence from Top 10 Reviews for two years running. Here is what they had to say:     


TimeClick is the most efficient program to track your employees’ in and out times… [It’s] clock feature is so intuitive, employees will most likely have no questions about how to operate the software.” –Top 10 Reviews


At the end of the day, business owners have enough to worry about; software should be the least of their concerns. See how easy processing payroll can be when you automate your time keeping with TimeClick and join over 5000 companies worldwide that enjoy the benefits of one small business helping another.



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