Personal Time Tracking Software

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Tracking Your Personal Time with TimeClick Can Improve Your Productivity

Keeping track of how your time is spent is a key step to improving productivity and TimeClick is well suited to your personal time tracking needs. TimeClick has the ability to track the time you and your employees spend working or taking breaks. With 18 reports which you can export to an Excel spreadsheet at the click of a button, you’ll have the information you need to make improvements in the workflow of individuals or your company as a whole.


Clock In/Clock Out

The vast majority of clock actions will consist of clocking in or clocking out. TimeClick makes the process as easy and quick as possible. Employees simply select their name from the Employee list, enter in their password, and TimeClick automatically defaults to the Clock In or Clock Out, depending on their last clock action.


Begin Break/ Finish Break

TimeClick’s break feature is only to be used to track paid breaks. This makes it easy to keep have a complete record of employee use of paid breaks which, depending on your state, can be legally mandated. To track unpaid breaks, simply have your employees clock out and back in after the break is over.



It easy is for employees to include an explanation to the administrator with their clock action—or pass a message by itself. The Message function attaches these notes to reports for easy clarifications of erroneous clock actions or just communications from employees. You can have employee messages appear on the main interface of TimeClick or keep them private, for an administrator’s eyes only on a report.


Modify Times

The default settings allow only the administrators to be able to modify clock actions. In a situation like that, an employee would be able to continue clocking in with a message to the administrator with their clock out time from the previous day and the administrator would be able to see the out of sequence error and the employee’s message and correct the time. Administrators are able to modify, adjust, or add any times they find necessary.


Different Levels of Administration

Three different levels of administration give you the flexibility to spread the workload of managing payroll across multiple departments and supervisors. The main administration mode gives you access to all the data and settings within TimeClick. There is also a level 2 administrator who can modify times and run reports for all the employees. The department supervisor login allows the supervisor to run reports and modify times for employees within their department.


Audit Tools

With different supervisors modify times for employees it is important to keep an audit trail of any changes made to employees’ time. The Modified Records Report keeps track of every change that is made, who made the change, when the change was made, and what was the previous time entry. This type of audit tracking can be invaluable in a labor dispute.


Employee Time Corrections

Administrators have the option to allow employees to correct their last clock action. Someone forgot to clock out at the end of the day? TimeClick makes it clear to an employee that is trying to clock in or out in error and they have the chance to fix their most recent clock action themselves. By default this feature is disabled and the administrator must allow employees this ability.



TimeClick is highly flexible when it comes to overtime. Whether you need to define OT on a daily, weekly, or pay period basis, TimeClick has the features you need to accurately track overtime.


Export to Spreadsheet

TimeClick has more 18 customizable reports which you can run over any date range. One of TimeClick’s most useful features is exporting any report to a .CSV (Excel) file. This means that your data can be sorted, manipulated, and analyzed in any way that you need. Or it can be imported into most payroll software to save hours of processing. If you’ve been using paper time cards that are often illegible or easily misplaced, then this is one of the most effective ways that you can improve your productivity.


Save As XPS or PDF

By adjusting a few preferences, TimeClick is also able to convert any report to a PDF or XPS file. Now, you’ll be able to easily email reports to supervisors or payroll employees. Saving reports as a PDF or XPS also makes for simple electronic storage of past records, which saves you time, space, and paper.

TimeClick is an easy-to-use personal time tracking software which gives you the power to observe how your time is spent and adjust your personal productivity and that of your employees. The simple interface is flexible enough to fit your needs. The commonly used clock actions for employees can be completed in seconds and administrative features are intuitive and powerful.