Punch Clock

by Admin

The first known mechanical punch clock was invented by Willard Bundy in 1889. A lot has changed in the last 125 years, but in this modern age, too many businesses find themselves using 19th century technology. Punch clocks are not only inaccurate, inefficient, and insecure, but they are costing you and your business time and money. If you haven’t already, it is time to upgrade to the 21st century with an automated online time clock.


High Upfront and Maintenance Costs

A quick Google search reveals that the average cost of a physical time clock is about $450.00. That is a pretty hefty price for some very old technology.  Computer based software can do everything the machines do at a fraction of cost. You can find simple, easy to use software for around $99. Virtually every business employs at least one computer in its day to day operations.  Since the program will run on the hardware you already own, there are no additional upfront costs besides the price of the software. Ongoing maintenance and paper time cards or swipe cards are an additional expense which can be avoided by tracking time on your computers.


Benefits of Automation

A difference of $300 in upfront cost is not going to break the bank for any business, but other unseen costs of using a physical time clock can be exorbitant. Management is required to manually add up time cards each pay period. This is a tedious task which can be automated, saving several hours during payroll processing. Time is the most valuable asset given to any of us and those hours can be spent on more productive tasks, helping to grow your business instead of simply maintaining it. Filling out paper time cards is subject to employee discretion, and studies have shown that on average, self reported hours can be padded by as much as 10 minutes per employee, per day. At a wage of just $10/hour, that adds up to over $400 a year for each employee!


Monitoring Inaccuracies

Punch clock systems provide little to no security, are inaccurate, and can be easily manipulated. Software on the other hand provides  a secure environment which maintains accurate time records in real time. Keeping an audit file with a comprehensive record of all changes made to time records maintains their integrity. Automated reports ensure hour totals are accurately calculated every pay period and prevent any inaccuracies that occur by manual methods. Time sync features keep the time on your computers synchronized, preventing time discrepancies and employee manipulation.


Additional Benefits

Software programs provide many additional features that help business run payroll more efficiently. Tracking vacation, sick, and PTO accruals by hand can be a major inconvenience.  Most programs provide a way to track used accrued time and award additional time based on hours worked or other criteria. Employee scheduling features can round employee time to match their schedule and minimize unauthorized overtime. Exporting time reports to other programs can make payroll processing even faster by integrating the time keeping system with your payroll software.  Managing your workforce and knowing who is in the office can be difficult, but with a quick glance at a computer screen, you can see who is currently on the clock, out sick, taking a break, or arrived late.  These added features help owners quickly manage their workforce from their office.

Every good business owner tries to streamline their business, cut costs, and save time. Getting rid of that  old punch clock is an easy way to make your business run more efficiently, while saving you time and money. TimeClick has been providing automated time tracking to small businesses since 1993. Starting as low as $99, TimeClick makes using computer time clocks affordable for any size business.   With the click of a mouse, your employees can accurately clock in and out, and you can quickly run reports to total their hours and make payroll a breeze.  Check out our free 30 day trial. No obligation or credit card is required, and you’ll see how much easier payroll processing can be.



“I don’t know what we ever did without it. I feel sorry for people who are in the dark ages and are still manually calculating cumbersome and messy timecards. I actually don’t dread payday now because TimeClick makes it so simple and easy. I do in minutes what use to take hours.” It wasn’t hard for me to decide if I wanted to figure timecards or play nine holes of golf. That’s how much time I save every time payroll has to be processed!” – Ross, New Mexico Golf Limit