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Reduce your payroll expenses

With traditional time cards, mistakes in payroll calculations are inevitable. Countless businesses around the world are manually adding up employees’ time and literally paying for it. Not only are they wasting valuable time processing cards, but their mistakes cost them thousands in payroll overpayments yearly. With TimeClick, your employee’s clock in and out at their computers ensuring you the accuracy of their clock in and out times and eliminating worry of incorrect time calculations. At the end of your payroll period instantly print time reports or email them to your accountant.


Save Money

Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, TimeClick automatically and accurately tracks your employees’ hours.  In a study conducted by Robert Half Finance & Accounting and the American Payroll Association, time theft typically exceeds 10 minutes per day per employee.  That means if you have just 1 employee earning $12/hour they are being overpaid by more than $500 per year.   Have 10 employees?  You are likely overpaying payroll by $5,000 in time theft alone each year.


“TimeClick is an excellent program that will help any business be more productive” – Top Ten Reviews


Eliminate Time Theft with our Security Features:

  • Employee passwords required to clock in/out
  • Computer Sync Time – Prevent time  manipulation by syncing times to a central computer
  • Computer Tracking Tools – Monitor where your employees are clocking in and out
  • Enhanced Audit Tracking – Create an audit trail of modified, deleted, or added time records


No Additional Equipment Needed

TimeClick runs on your existing network. Its quick and easy install allows you to start saving right away and eliminates the unnecessary expense of additional hardware. Install TimeClick on as many computers as you want and allow your employees to clock in and out at their own computers, in a break room, or at the entrance of your building.


Trusted by Thousands

TimeClick has replaced outdated timecards for more than 5000 businesses over the last 21 years.  Headquartered in northern Utah our programming, customer service, and technical support teams work hand in hand developing innovative software that provides the latest technology.


“High quality reports, an easy-to-use time clock, powerful accrual tools and secure administration modes are just a few of the great features in TimeClick.”  – Top Ten Reviews


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Have Questions?

You’ll find TimeClick has a quick and easy install but should you need help our friendly US Based Support team is here to answer any questions you have.


“Our customer service rep is patient, kind, and friendly;  he’s a boy scout of customer service.  We love him.”  – Shauna, MedStar Home Medical