Time and Attendance Software

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Does your school need to track student and employee attendance?

Time and attendance software has traditionally been used in the private business sector to track hourly employees’ time. Many government agencies and nonprofit organizations have found computer technology to be a useful tool to handle attendance tracking for employees and volunteers. Schools in particular have so many different types of people involved in their day to day operation, including teachers, students, administrative staff, and community/parent volunteers, that it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. Computer software can provide a comprehensive solution for your school’s needs.


Simplify Staff Payroll

Implementing staff time tracking has the same benefits for a school as it does for a private business. By monitoring employee time, decisions can be made to control labor cost, prevent overpayment for time inaccuracies or manipulations, and make the staff responsible for their own time. This will simplify your employee payroll, making the school more efficient by eliminating manual addition of a paper employee timesheet. Running a report to total an employee’s time takes seconds, when it used to take hours.  Even if all of the teachers are salaried and do not have a need to track their hours, the school still employs custodial workers, school bus drivers, food service staff, IT/maintenance personnel, and teacher’s aides, most of whom work for an hourly wage and must track their hours.


Student Employee Time Monitoring

Many schools, especially universities, technical colleges, trade schools, and high schools, will employ student workers. These students are not only paid employees, but many times also volunteering or receiving credit for classes. Sending one report with hours worked to the payroll department to pay the students, and another attendance report to the student services department to award class credits makes tracking student employees much easier. Having a computer program which can do both allow student employees to get paid in a timely manner while also making them accountable for time they spend as a student and as an employee.


Class Attendance

Trade schools and technical colleges, due to the hands on nature of their instruction, generally require students to spend a certain number of hours in the classroom and the lab in order to receive their certification. Requiring the instructor to track student attendance manually is an additional burden and unnecessary.  Tracking student attendance quickly as they enter the classroom allows the instructors to identify and correct an attendance problem before it gets out of hand.


Volunteer Tracking

Most schools have large numbers of volunteers who donate their time and resources, helping to make the education environment better for the students. Parents, community members, service organizations, student volunteers, or people needing to provide community service hours may at one time or another provide volunteer work at your school. While all these people may not need a record of their hours, allowing administrative staff to quickly look at their computer and see who is currently in the school is invaluable, should an emergency arise.


5 Thing to look for in a software

  • Unlimited tracking – school have such a high turnover rate of students, employees and volunteers that it is expensive and illogical to pay a monthly per person fee. Find a program that allows you to track everyone for a one-time price.
  • Implementation – be sure the program will install on the computer system you already have. There is no need to spend more on hardware when you already have a computer network. There are plenty of options available and you should be able to find one to fit your needs
  • Ease of Use –when tracking a variety of different people, the program you choose should be simple enough that the students, volunteers, and employees can use it with little to no training.
  • Do other schools use the software – in this case it is okay to do what the cool kids are doing. Ask if any schools use the product and if so how many. Ask other schools if they have implemented any similar type of products.  If other schools are already using a program, then it will probably work for you as well.
  • Support Options – be sure that support will be available during the hours people will be at the school. Phone support is preferred since it is always easiest to work with someone immediately as issues arise, but at the bare minimum the company should at least have email and live chat support.


Schools have plenty of uses for a time and attendance program and it can be a valuable asset that helps school administrators manage such the large number of people that come into their school each day. TimeClick has been providing time and attendance solutions for over 20 years. It runs on PC’s found on virtually every type of network. Many schools, universities, technical colleges, and trade schools are already using TimeClick to track their students’ time. With a U.S. based support team available via phone, email, or live chat, and an affordable one time purchase price, TimeClick is the solution that can help your school track times more efficiently.