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4 Questions Business Owners Forget to Ask When Searching for a Time Attendance System

Every business owner knows the hassle of trying to find a new software system. There are literally thousands of options to choose from. Most business owners only take into account pricing and features. While both are key elements to consider, if you ignore other vital search criteria, you may find yourself looking for a different system a few months later. Keeping the following questions in mind as you search for a new system will help ensure you get the right time attendance system the first time.


Who am I doing business with?

There are plenty of unscrupulous characters and companies in the business world. It is important to make sure you are doing business with people that have the same practices as you. There are a lot of one and done companies out there and you don’t want to get stuck using a product whose manufacturer is nowhere to be found six months from now. Look for a company who has been in the industry for many years. Find out where the company is located. Large time differences can make getting technical support a nightmare.

Most importantly, find out what their other customers are saying about them. Website reviews are a good starting point, but are generally controlled by the company and negative reviews rarely get published. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts are another easily accessible resource to see what people say about the company.  The best resource is independent review sites that post customer reviews or internal reviews of the software. Since the company cannot prohibit or obstruct what is posted, you get a better profile of the company and product. A few good examples of such sites for time and attendance software are Top 10 Reviews, Software Advice, and Capterra.


What customer support options are available?

In a perfect world computer software would work flawlessly, but in the real world support is a necessity. Make sure the office hours for support align with the hours you will be using the system. There is nothing worse than trying to process payroll at the end of the month, having an issue with your system, and nobody is available to help.

Check which support methods a company offers. Do they have phone, email, and live chat support? What is their response time? Can they do remote logins for support and training sessions? Many companies will only offer email support and a guaranteed response time of 48 hours. When payroll is due at the end of the day, that simply won’t cut it. Most companies do not have a live chat option, but this is a great way to get your questions answered quickly without wasting time in a phone system or the lag time of email.


Is it easy to use?

Remember your non-technical employees will be using this system to keep track of their hours. The system needs to be simple enough for your employees that little to no training is required. The first place to check is customer reviews. Most customers are quick to point out complex, non-intuitive software.

Check out the software for yourself. Most companies will offer some kind of trial or demo of the system. If a company doesn’t offer a free trial, consider this a red flag and move onto the next one. Most companies will not require a credit card for a free trial. Be leery of one that does and be sure to check the fine print.


Can it expand with my business?

Hopefully your business is growing and you need to plan for the future. Be sure the system you select can easily and economically add new employees or additional licenses. The optimal system will allow you to have unlimited employees at no additional charge –as your business expands, the software grows with you.. Check to see how often software updates are released.

Regulations, policies, and business practices change regularly. New laws such as the Affordable Care Act will place a premium on accurate employee time keeping by requiring employees to be designated as part time or full time based on hours weekly hours worked. You need software that updates as these types of changes are made.

Asking these questions before you buy will save you time and money. Finding the right time attendance system will save you countless hours on payroll processing and can lower you payroll cost by accurately tracking employee time.


The TimeClick Solution

TimeClick software  is made by a company called Hawkeye Technology LLC, located in Logan, UT. They have been providing time keeping solutions to small businesses since 1993. Several review sites have given TimeClick top marks including being the Top 10 Reviews Gold Award winner for the past two years. TimeClick is the system choice for over 5000 businesses worldwide, providing industry leading technical support and customer service. Check out a free 30 day trial and see why our customers give us great reviews like this one:


“There is nothing better about TimeClick than how easy it is to use…The product is so user/administrator-friendly that it can’t be overstated. It does not require much training; just give a user their password, and they are off to the races. It couldn’t be simpler. Customer support is always very responsive and helps us address any issues that come up, and there are very rarely any technical issues. We have been using TimeClick for several years now, and it has been more than worth the small cost of the product to be able to accurately track the hours (and overtime) our employees work each week.”   –   Kara ,Ogborn Mihm LLP