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Top 10 Reasons your Business Needs a Time Clock Program


Over the past decade, more and more businesses have begun to automate their time keeping to maintain a more accurate record of all their employee time entries. However, many business owners are still using an ineffective, inaccurate, or insufficient method for time keeping. TimeClick® has compiled a list of the top 10 reasons you need a time clock program.


  1.  Save time processing payroll
  • Manual payroll calculations can take many additional and unnecessary man-hours. An automated time system can produce payroll records instantly, which can then be used to integrate with your payroll service.  This saves you many precious hours which can then be channeled toward more productive tasks.


  1. Prevent time manipulation/theft
  •  Allowing your employees to guesstimate what time they come and go encourages time mismanagement and manipulation, which can cost your business thousands of dollars in additional labor costs. Simply eliminating honest mistakes and time discrepancies will more than pay for a new program within the first year.


  1. Track accrued vacation and sick time
  • Keeping track of how much vacation time each employee is awarded, who has used vacation time, and how much time everyone has remaining is no small task. Manual records or Excel documents are insufficient to properly manage a task with so many moving parts. If your business is currently awarding accrued time, save yourself a migraine and switch to an automated system.


  1. Break and lunch tracking
  • Employees are notorious for turning a 15 minute paid break into a 30 minutes siesta. Everyone is guilty of spending a few extra minutes at the drinking fountain, and most employers don’t want to be nitpicky and tell employee when their break is over. If an employee is required to track when their break begins and finishes, and knows they will not be paid for those extra minutes spent lingering, then those 30 minute walkabouts will begin to magically disappear.


  1. Attendance tracking
  • Many employers need a quick and easy way to see who is working, has called in sick, or currently taking a break. With a quick glance at their computer screen, a manager can see where their whole work force is, in real time, and prevent those long searches for an employee who may not even be on the premises.


  1. Centralized time keeping
  • Having all of your attendance time clock data in one location allows you to quickly access time records from any previous pay periods with the click of a button. No longer will you have to dig through filing cabinets, or flip through folders looking for that one elusive piece of paper.


  1. Divide work across different levels of administration – Ensures Proper Balance and Controls
  • Multiple levels of administration allow you to divide the work load of payroll processing across different department managers and Human Resources staff. Spreading out the workload also helps to prevent improper management of resources, and serves as a check against time manipulation because more than one person will have access to those records.


  1. Detailed reporting
  • Being able to get detailed reports of employee hours can be invaluable in managing your labor force. You can easily see when employees are coming and going, which allows you to allocate resources properly across all departments, ensuring that each department has sufficient labor resources and is not mismanaging them.


  1. Employee scheduling/rounding
  • Setting an employee schedule and requiring your employees to adhere to that schedule helps prevent unauthorized overtime and requires your employees to complete their projects in a timely manner. This will not only save on payroll costs, but also encourages employees to complete tasks within their allotted time frame


        10.  Hold employees responsible for time worked

  • Paper timesheets and other self reporting methods are inefficient to track employee time. They do not require the employee to be sufficiently accountable for the time they are supposed to be working because it is too easy for the employee to come and go as he or she chooses with little to no oversight.


Choosing the program that is right for your business can be difficult. However, at TimeClick®, we make that decision easier. We offer a free 30 day trial of the software with all features and functions enabled, so you know exactly what the software is capable of doing before you buy. No obligation or credit card is required to demo the software, and you have complete access to our US based support team during your trial. Get started today with TimeClick® and let our business help your business.