Time Tracker

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Basics of Tracking Time

The expression goes “Time is money.” But the opposite isn’t necessarily true. You can hire more people, but you cannot buy more hours in the day. A time tracker can help companies maximize productivity and reduce the number of tedious tasks. TimeClick® has been creating award winning software to do that for over twenty years.

Get organized

Even small businesses need some structure. You probably have multiple departments, certainly different positions and titles. Employees will be further divided into Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, and Full Time—Exempt. By sorting and organizing these categories you’ll be able to manage all the different types more effectively and begin to take control of your entire payroll process.

What types of hours do you need to track?

  • Regular Hours are the most basic measure of employee time and are defined as any hours that are paid at the employee’s base wage. Our software calculates and displays these hours on every payroll report.
  • Overtime can be calculated by the day, week, or pay period. You can define the parameters to award overtime after any number of hours and minutes you choose. These hours display on the Overtime Hours report and the Combined Hours & Overtime report.
  • Work Hours encompass any hours an employee spends working on the job. They do not include break hours or any other type of hours.
  • Break Time is tracked within TimeClick as paid time and counts towards an employee’s total hours. This provides documentation for legally required breaks to ensure employees aren’t taking shortened or excessive breaks. If tracking of unpaid breaks or lunches is needed, employees must clock out and back in or the administrator can implement the Automatic Lunch Deduction feature.
  • Vacation Time accumulation and usage can be recorded within TimeClick, which keeps a running total which can be reviewed in real time by the manager and the employee.
  • Sick Time is accrued and managed similarly to vacation, allowing current balances to be viewed by management and employees. Some states have begun requiring paid sick leave accruals for all employees—even part time.
  • PTO (Paid Time Off) is used by many companies as a catch-all, lumping vacation and sick time together. TimeClick allows you to calculate PTO, sick, or vacation by the hour, pay period, or annually, and at differing rates based on seniority or position.
  • Unplanned PTO draws from the same bank as PTO, but allows you to track how often an employee unexpectedly takes a day off that can result in under staffing and place a burden on the rest of the office.
  • Holiday Hours can be doled out to employees for any company recognized holiday. TimeClick’s Mass Entries feature allows holidays to be input for all eligible employees at once.
  • Bereavement Hours can be recorded for eligible employees to replace missed time due to the passing of someone close to them.
  • No Pay Time allows tracking of unpaid hours for things such as jury duty, military service, and other unpaid time. Counting these hours is required by the Affordable Care Act to calculate full or part time eligibility for each employee.
  • Other Hours are used to track miscellaneous or specialized hours for each company. This feature is commonly used to show time worked away from the office or on special projects.

TimeClick handles all of the above, and gives you the tools to integrate them into reports for payroll, HR needs, and government compliance.

Get automated

Time and money may not be interchangeable, but an efficient time tracking program can make sure your business isn’t wasting either one. You only have so much time available so spend less of it processing employee hours and accruals. TimeClick is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to administer. And with our free 30 day trial, there’s no reason you can’t start saving this week!


Necil from South Texas ENT Consultants writes:

“This is absolutely the easiest time clock ever for use across networks. It has all the functions we need to track our employee’s time quickly and easily. We have this installed on about 40 computers, and employees find it very easy to use. Their support team is very friendly and always available to help with questions we have. As the payroll manager, I love the reports it generates. I highly recommend TimeClick as the go to software for employers.”