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20 21 Things You Can Do With a Time Tracking Application

Automating your employee timekeeping with a time tracking application can save hours in payroll processing every pay period.  Even small companies can save thousands of dollars by avoiding time theft or errors each year.  But you should also know about the many other benefits of becoming automated.  TimeClick® has been an industry leader since 1993 and is ready to help your business hit the ground running.


Basic tools

1.  With a glance at the main screen of TimeClick you can instantly see who is clocked in, clocked out, or on a break.

2.  The display preferences can also be set to display the time of each employee’s last clock action.  You’ll easily see exactly who is arriving late or leaving early.

3.  Employees can view their own hours, their accrued time, and perform functions like changing their own password.

4.  By being able to monitor those totals, employees can be sure their times are accurate and morale will improve.

5.  Administrators can view staff hours in real time.  This allows you to adjust the schedule to prevent overtime before it has happened or make sure you are covered for busy hours later in the week.

6.  Workstation clocks can be synced to another computer of your choosing.  This eliminates time discrepancies between computers and prevents employees from manipulating their own computer in an attempt to falsify time records.

7.  There is no limit on the amount of time data you can store, which means you can terminate an employee without deleting their time records. This allows you to review their records in cases of labor claims or other audits, while removing their information from the current employee list and reports.

8.  Three different levels of administration allow you to spread the workload of running payroll across department supervisors and HR staff.


Reporting options

  1. Calculating regular and overtime hours is the bread and butter of any application, and of course, TimeClick performs these tasks efficiently.
  2. Not only does the software allow you to view reports on your screen and print hard copies, but it also allows you to save the report as a PDF or XPS electronic document.  You’ll be able to email those off to your accountant with barely a thought.
  3. Many payroll applications and services are capable of directly importing .CSV (Excel) files.  TimeClick can create these extractions for any of its reports.
  4. TimeClick allows you to print one report for the entire staff, but have each employee on a separate page.  Combined with the option to include a designated signature area, employees can approve the accuracy of their time and take the burden off the employer.
  5. You have the flexibility to customize the reports to show the amount of detail you want. Include each clock in/out (including messages) with totals separated into each category, or limit the report to only show the total hours for each employee.
  6. The Affordable Care Act has put the onus on employers—not just for their shared responsibility, but in identifying and documenting which employees are full time and which are part time.  With TimeClick, you can run employee hour reports for any interval you wish and use that data to determine their status.


Advanced functions

15.  The (paid) break feature lets you track time spent on break, and you can make sure those trips to the water cooler aren’t excessive.  Several states are also requiring employers to give paid breaks, make sure they are taken, and document every one.

16.  Some employees build overtime by taking shorter meal breaks than allotted.  You may choose to use the Automatic Lunch Deduction feature to fix this.  After an employee has been working a set length of time, the lunch break will be subtracted without the employee having to clock out or back in.  Note that when you combine this with use of the break function for lunch, you can monitor that time to make sure they are neither taking too little nor too much time, resulting in overtime or unproductive time.

17.   Use TimeClick’s schedule rounding feature to curb overtime.  Full time employees who habitually clock in early or stay late often exceed 40 hours per week because of this.  Those few minutes a day really add up over the course of a year.

18.   TimeClick has advanced accrual features.  You can customize many categories and rates to award vacation, sick, or PTO (paid time off) by the hour, pay period, or year.  By entering redeemed time, you can keep an accurate running total for each employee.

19.   California has enacted legislation which requires employers to grant even part time employees paid sick leave at a minimum rate of 1 hour for every 30 worked–and document it, of course.  Other states are following suit.

20.  The software’s Audit Tools give you several additional reports.  You can determine exactly which computer employees have used for every clock in and out and whether they are where they’re supposed to be.

21.   Time theft is common, unfortunately.  Even if an employee were to somehow access the secure Administrative sections of TimeClick and alter their times, the Modified Records Report displays every record which has been manually added, deleted, or changed, which computer was used to make that change, which admin account was accessed, and the exact time of the action.  And unlike a trail of breadcrumbs, birds cannot erase these.


A good time tracking application will make your business more efficient.  Over 5,000 customers agree: TimeClick gives you the tools to save both time and money in numerous ways. Download a free trial today and focus those efforts more productively.