Time Tracking Free

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Download a free trial of TimeClick® and get instant access to all of the useful time tracking tool features TimeClick has to offer. You can use the program for 30 days with no obligation or credit card required. Check out some of the ways that TimeClick can save time for your small business.




Time Tracking Features Available on the Trial

  • Multiple computers – Access TimeClick from all of your computers to clock in/out or run administrative functions.
  • Unlimited employees – Track an unlimited number of employees within the software, meaning no additional charge will be incurred as your business expands.
  • Multiple offices – Access employee information from multiple locations, even if they aren’t on the same network.
  • Overtime tracking – Set up preferences to track overtime by the day, week, or pay period.
  • Sick, vacation, and PTO tracking – Keep a record of any used vacation, PTO, or sick time, which displays on all the TimeClick reports for easy payroll processing.
  • Accrual monitoring – Manage your employees’ accrual balances and give them access to their current accrued time totals.
  • All pay intervals are available – Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods are currently supported.
  • Mass entries – Save time by adding time entries for department or the entire staff, all at the same time.
  • Employee messages – Employees can enter a message to the administrator with each clock in/out entry, which will appear on the reports for the manager to review.
  • Employee schedule – Round start and end times to a schedule for each day of the week, helping to prevent unauthorized overtime.
  • Auto lunch deduction – Avoid the hassle of clocking in/out for lunch and automatically deduct for lunch breaks after a specified number of work hours.
  • Multiple levels of administration – Three different levels of administration allow you to spread the administrative workload across managers and departments.
  • Audit tracking – Any changes made to time records by administrators or employees are preserved in an extensive audit file for easy tracking.  
  • Computer time sync – Prevent dishonesty and time discrepancies by syncing each time entry with the server computer’s time.
  • Flexible reporting – You have the flexibility to get your data in the format you need with over 20 different time reports.
  • Save reports as a PDF – Every report can be saved as a PDF or XPS file for easy email distribution or access at a later date.
  • Export reports to Excel – All time reports can be extracted to a .CSV (Excel) file with the click of a button for additional manipulation and importation into other programs.
  • Report customization – Customized time reports can be created for more in-depth reporting by connecting the TimeClick database to Excel.
  • Rounding – Round time entries to the nearest 1, 5, 10, or 15 minute increment.
  • Attendance tracking – Run an attendance report to easily see on which days employees were working, on vacation, out sick, or missed work.
  • Track unpaid time – Keep track of unpaid time for leaves of absence, jury duty, military service, or other types of work absences.
  • Supports night shifts – Night or 24-hour shifts are fully supported in all TimeClick reports.  
  • Track employee reviews – Keep a record of reviews, address, phone number, and other vital employee information within the secure administration mode.
  • Yearly updates – Every year we release an update of the TimeClick program based on user suggestions and feedback.
  • Customer service – You have access to our award winning, U.S. based customer service team during your trial and throughout the life of the product.

Check out the free time tracking system trial available on our website to see everything TimeClick has to offer and feel free to contact our sales staff for a demo and complete walkthrough of the program.