Underused Time Tracking Solution Features

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Recently, TimeClick did a survey across its entire current customer base to see what new features should be developed for upcoming releases of the software. We were overwhelmed and grateful for the terrific response we received.  We will be releasing great new time tracking solutions based on this feedback.  However, it seems many users aren’t aware of everything TimeClick® currently offers.  Below in blue are some of the suggestions we received and how TimeClick® already addresses them;


Help/Instruction Manual

“Training manuals should be standard to look up how to do routine tasks, set up an employee, etc. I find calling support for mundane tasks like this a waste of their time.”

“I personally like having written instructions that I can print.  Not sure if it is available or not.”


It seems many users are not aware of our Help Contents section.  From the TimeClick® server with the grey desktop icon, go to the top toolbar and navigate to Help>>Help Contents.  You’ll be able to browse or print specific chapters or the entire manual.  We also have a FAQ page on the website, and did you know we have a YouTube page?  It has over thirty, short, function-specific videos.  Due to their popularity on the survey, we will be adding even more.  Check them out!


Please understand that we don’t include the help contents on the Client versions of the software because it is considered privileged information for the administrator only.  We are happy to email PDF copies upon request.





Overtime Calculation

“[We would Like…] Overtime Calculation by week.”

If you enter the administration mode and go to Report Preferences, you’ll see where you can select Calculate OT By Day or Calculate OT By Date Range/Week.  After choosing your preferred method and hour threshold, check the box to Calculate OT By Week in Date Range. Leaving this box unchecked will calculate overtime based on working more than 40 hours over the date range of the report you choose to run.





Report Date Range Settings

“I would like the dates to remain the same if I set them to a specific date range, instead of having to change it every time that I go into a different employee.”


If you log on as Administrator and go to Preferences, you can take care of this request.  On the right hand side you’ll see menus for designating your pay interval, day of the week (for semi-monthly/monthly this is only used for overtime calculation), and dates for any past completed pay period.  TimeClick® will use this to create a default date template so that when you run a report or modify times, the dates will be pre-filled.  Note the check box under the date range.


If left unchecked, the software will default to the current pay period—great for correcting clock ins/outs, adding vacation/sick time, or checking the reports in real time to see if anyone is on pace for overtime.  By checking the box, TimeClick® will default to the last pay period—perfect for running reports for payroll.  Of course, you’ll still be able to manually adjust those dates to any range you see fit.





Employee Time Corrections

“I would like the staff to be able to correct time when entered incorrectly, for instance, they forgot to clock out at the end of the day.  I would like for them to be able to manipulate that.”


On the lower left of the admin preferences shown above, you’ll see the box for Allow Out-Of-Sequence Corrections.  If checked, when an employee attempts to clock in or out but forgot to clock in that morning or out the day before, they will be prompted to correct it.  This is only for that previous action, not any record further back.  This correction will be noted in the Manual Entries Report under Audit Tools for administrative review.  Take a look at some of those other Audit Tools as well.  They are an important part of the time tracking software.



Rounding feature

”I would like to see TimeClick round up to regular start time or back to regular stop time if within 5 minutes and NOT if arriving AFTER regular start time or BEFORE regular stop time as the program indicates but does not do.”


This feature is accessible in the Edit Employee Record area.  Select the employee and then the Work Schedule button.  You can enable the feature, select an interval up to 15 minutes, and then assign their schedule—even if every day has a different start and end time. This means if someone clocks in early or clocks out late within the allotted number of minutes, the TimeClick reports will round to their start or end time. If someone comes in late or leaves early, no rounding will take place.




Modify Times

“[We would like to…] update display screen to show changes made by administrator.  i.e.  admin changes clock in to clock out, the display screen should show this change.”


When modifying a time which reflects the employee’s current status, check the box for Last Action—Update Employee Status.  After refreshing, or closing and reopening TimeClick®, the employee’s status will be updated on the main screen.





Print options

“I miss the feature where you can print only one page at a time.”

“[We want…] the ability to save reports in a PDF format, direct from the system without the need to print, then scan so that we can save historic report information that matches our payroll submissions.”

“I’d like to be able to save reports as a PDF, as of right now I have to print reports and then scan them into a pdf to send over to my accounting department.”

“Print options would be appreciated, i.e. choose a different printer from default, set print options such as 2-sided printing.”


This one was popular, and though it is a feature we do have, admittedly, it is more difficult to find than it should be.  Ready?  Right click on your TimeClick® icon and select Open File Location.  Find the file named TCForm and open it with Notepad.  After “SETPRTDIALOG”, change the 1 to a 3 and resave the file…your print options have returned.  When you run a report you’ll be able to select the number of pages to print, choose the print destination, and send it to a PDF or XPS document writer to save and archive.





Change Name

“I would also like to be able to put people in alphabetical order when they change their name or we add a new employee.  Right now I have people all over the place because of name changes and it does not follow our payroll reports.”


Under Employees, there is the Employee Name Change option.  The roster will automatically repopulate alphabetically, by last name.  Older versions of the software may not perform this function.  We recommend upgrading—if you have support, you may even be eligible for free upgrades.  Contact us at (435)753-4102 to see if you are eligible for free upgrades.



Unregistering TimeClick Clients/Registration/Resetting License Count

 “Wish we could reset the computers that are used for the clock without having to call you and input a number.  We have computers that go to computer heaven and I replace them, but can’t authorize the new computer.”


Since TimeClick® fees are based on the number of installs and not the number of employees, the program must recognize and hold license reservations for work stations, even if a computer hasn’t been actively used for some time.  Uninstalling a program is not the same as unregistering a workstation, and the TimeClick server still “sees” the old reservation.  To free that license to be recycled, enter Administration Mode from the work station you are about to retire.  Go to Utilities>>Unregister Work Station>>Unregister.  No call or reregistration is necessary.

If it is the TimeClick® Server which must be moved, go to Utilities>>Transfer Key.  Unregister and write down the key.  Install the software on the new server and contact us to reregister.



Static IP addresses

“My internet service provider goes out once a week and when it does the IP address changes and we have to change each computer to that IP address to get up and running each time.  Although that is our problem you may can do something to help. 


Power outages or router resets can play naughty tricks on your network by reassigning new IP addresses to the computer on your network.  This is technically an internal matter for each company, but we certainly want to help you make TimeClick® more reliable. The best way to combat this is to set up a DHCP reservation in your router. Now, when your router resets, it will assign the same IP address to each computer. Every router’s settings are slightly different, so consult your network administrator with any question for your specific router.


Weekly Reports

“Need a report that shows a weekly total of regular hours, overtime hours, and sick and vacation (and any other absent hours) listed.  The report currently shows vac/sick/etc as lumped in with regular hours.  The other report doesn’t show overtime.  Need this to be shown by week, and totaled for the two week pay period.”


Try the Combined Hours & Overtime report, but check the box for Print Summary Report Only. To get there, go into the Administration Mode, then Reports, and then Other Reports. The Combined Hours & Overtime will be listed in the upper left hand side.





Detailed Hours Report

“I would like to have the hours report show a detailed listing of each employee’s clockin/clockout times and total for the day.”


If you leave both boxes at the bottom left unchecked, you should see a highly detailed report, including every clock action by every employee.  Checking Employee Totals (Include Day Totals) will remove all the clock actions from that report and display only daily hours and totals for the entire period.  Checking the Employee Totals Only box removes all clock actions and the daily totals, leaving just the grand totals for the selected interval.



Mobile Application

“[We would like…] web data integration that allows use of a mobile app to update real time punches, that employees could use while on the road to record lunches, breaks, clock-outs, etc.”


Okay, so we don’t have mobile applications yet, but did you know you can use TimeClick® on Windows 8 tablets with x86?  Set up port forwarding, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can use the tablet anywhere!


Custom Reports

“[We would like the…] ability to create customized reports with preset parameters, such as employee report that shows all hours and only displays on screen, closing with one click.”


With our latest release of LE 12, we now have the ability to connect the TimeClick® database to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing for easier custom reporting. You will be able to get a report in real time by simply opening the Excel file. Contact our sales staff for more details.


You Don’t Know What You’re Not Missing (I think that’s a Randy Travis song.)

Since 1993, TimeClick® has been evolving.   Thanks to the suggestions of our loyal customers, our software improves every year–sometimes so quickly, people aren’t even aware of all the new features.  Hopefully these examples shed some light on the mysteries of timetracking software features we provide, and your company will be even more efficient.  Remember, our support team is here for you, 8am -5pm MST, Monday through Friday.  Email, live chat, or call us to learn just what you’re not missing, or tell us what features you’d like to have in 2015!

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