Time Tracking System

by Admin

Why Payroll Software Falls Short for a Tracking Solution


Many payroll providers or other business software suites offer a bundled time tracking system at little or no extra cost.   Their time clock solutions are a marketing tool—they may say “Look, our program includes employee time tracking!”   Many consumers don’t bother to ask “Is it any good?”

  • These programs are “throw-ins” for most of the big companies, so they don’t invest the same resources into developing add-ons that their flagship products receive.  They commonly lack important features such as extensive reporting, accruals, and overtime calculation.
  • A pre-packaged option is designed only for their product.  When you decide to switch payroll providers, you will be throwing out your time clock with it.
  • At most, integrated options are updated with the rest of the product(s).  Their time tracking portion may become outdated by legislation before their bread and butter program is ready for its next release.
  • Ease of use.  Employees must find the software simple to use or training and implementation will defeat the purpose of having an automated system in the first place.  Administrators and supervisors appreciate equally intuitive software so they may effectively manage the workforce.
  • Support.  With a large corporation, even payroll clients may feel like just a number to them.  Time clock users may experience even more difficulty when assistance is needed.

Payroll providers know where their revenues are coming from.  For them, a time clock is just a trinket to sweeten the deal and they have no real motivation or interest in making it the best it could be.  So beware freebies and their false economy—you are probably getting exactly what you are paying for.


Why should you look into alternatives?

With specialization and time, comes expertise.   Time clock specialists continuously work to make their product better.  Flexibility is key–independent software is scalable and designed to thrive alongside many different systems, fitting a variety of business types and sizes.  Better still, an independent software can remain in place even if you decide to upgrade other facets of your company infrastructure.  Time and attendance companies offer the most up to date features and legal compliance, and get it to you in time to help your business stay competitive.

Payroll software is used by accountants or human resource personnel with advanced training to get the most out of it on a daily basis. However, the act of clocking in or out must be quick and easy for your standard employees.  Specialized software makes ease of use a top priority.  Finally, when a pay period is ending and you need assistance, a time clock provider who is knowledgeable and readily available can make all the difference.  Make sure you choose someone able and willing to give you their undivided attention.


Specialized companies can provide you with the best tracking system.

TimeClick® was founded in 1993.  When a company has been making one product for over twenty years, you can be pretty certain they are doing it right.  We offer secure administrative features, audit tools, and powerful accruals, but TimeClick® is also extremely easy to use.  Our software is constantly adapting to changing requirements, and when you need us, we offer industry leading support from live technicians based in the US.  We even offer free thirty day trials—no obligation, no credit card required.  So take a look at our software because we aren’t packaged with another product, and see how we stack up against specialists and bundles alike.


An informed shopper is our best customer—like dental practice manager C. Schwartzkopf:

“It just takes a password to clock in and out. It’s ultra-easy. It’s great for any size office, from one employee to 100+. I have used other products in the past. This is one of the better software systems to keep track of hours. They are always willing to help. TimeClick has been an enormous help to keep track of the employee hours, vacation time, and other time off. It allows each employee to track their own hours each day if they want. As an employer, we can run reports on all employees or individual employees as needed. It is easy to use for everyone. TimeClick is always updating their product with new features. You should give it a trial run against other product. I think you will find this is one of the best.”