Timesheet Download

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Timesheet Download

Tracking the time of even a small staff is long and tedious. Bookkeepers who complete this job manually are probably spending the better part of a day making all the calculations. To make your time tracking easier, we have provided a free timesheet download and instructions on how to more quickly calculate employee time.

Crawl before you walk

If you have employees signing in and out by hand, submitting time cards, or using a mechanical punch clock, then having a worksheet will help you organize all these numbers. Here are forms which you may download and print. They have space for up to 2 weeks of entries and we’ve included PDF, XPS, and Word document, depending on your preference.

PDF Template                                    Word Document                                              XPS Template

Timesheet Template Screenshot

The benefits of a worksheet

As you can see, these timesheet downloads will organize each employee’s hours by day, give you a weekly total, and have signature lines for the approval of both the employee and their supervisor. If you calculate overtime by the day, you can immediately split it into the columns for regular hours and OT hours. If you figure OT after 40 or some other number of weekly hours, then you can leave the breakdown columns blank and easily separate overtime from regular at the grand total on the bottom line.

How do I make it faster? Use 24 hour military time. If you aren’t already familiar, PM hours are noted as the conventional time plus 12, so 5:00 PM becomes 17:00. The benefit is that it simplifies subtraction. If someone arrives at work at 8:00 AM and leaves at 4:36 PM (16:36 military time), 16:36 – 8:00 = 8 hours and 36 minutes.

Write each daily total as a decimal. You can divide the minutes by 60 or just round to the nearest 6 minutes, which equals .1 hours. The 8 hours and 36 minutes above is equal to 8.6 hours. Totaling hours that are already in decimal form is much easier, and then you’ve already done the work when it comes to calculating pay for hourly employees.

You’re ready to walk

If you have only a few employees, the manual methods above can do the job…for a time. But what happens when it all just becomes too much? An Excel spreadsheet can quickly and accurately handle the basics, plus open new possibilities like tracking other hours.

Excel Template

Timesheet Excel template

The benefits of a spreadsheet

You may find yourself making mistakes in your math or just want to save time. Who wouldn’t? With the Excel timesheet download above, you can put your computer to work for you. Enter the dates, work hours, and vacation, sick, holiday, or unpaid hours and the template will automatically total everything.

What’s the next step?

Excel is a terrific tool, but can’t take the place of flexible, purpose-designed, automated software. How about a 30 day free trial of TimeClick? Take advantage of these features and more, all wrapped in a simple interface.


  • Clock in and out with a secure password in seconds.
  • View their work hours or accruals in real time.
  • Leave a message for the Administrator, either attached to or independent of a clock in/out.
  • Submit their own sick or vacation times, if enabled by the admin.
  • Be designated as Department Supervisors, with optional permission to run reports or modify times for their own department.


  • Correct employee times. *Note—Every added, deleted, or modified record is permanently recorded in an Audit Report.
  • Monitor current hours, preventing unbudgeted overtime.
  • Track regular hours and overtime.
  • Award and manage sick, vacation, PTO, holiday, bereavement, and “other” time.
  • Choose the most convenient format—standard screen or printer versions, PDF or XPS electronic documents, or .CSV (Excel) files which can be imported into most payroll software.
  • Run reports for any date range desired, whether it is a single day, a calendar month, or several months at a time, and anything in between. This is particularly useful for determining Affordable Care Act eligibility.

Employee hours tracking is a tedious task. Our free downloads will help, but getting fully automated with timesheet software from TimeClick will save your HR staff or bookkeeper hours every week and you’ll notice significant savings versus self-reported time.

There is no credit card required or commitment of any kind, so try our award-winning software today!