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Report Options for Timetracking Software

What happens when it’s the end of the pay period and time to process payroll? Assuming they aren’t still tracking time on paper or spreadsheets, many companies will use their timetracking software to generate reports, then manually enter their employees’ hours from their screen or printed pages to their payroll software. While TimeClick can produce these simple reports in many formats to help you get all the information you need, this process can be tedious and prone to errors and you should consider the digital alternatives.

Good–Standard Print Reports

Here is an example of the standard screen version, which may also be printed. It has the time worked by the day and pay period, plus Holiday and Vacation time used. Each of these is displayed in hours and minutes, as well as decimal hours. With nearly two dozen other reports and thousands of preference combinations, this flexibility makes it simple to get the information you need to interface with whatever payroll service you use.


timetracking report1


 Better—PDF or XPS Document

Though TimeClick can accommodate the basic process described above, it is not the most efficient technique and leaves the opportunity for human error. Our timetracking software can make the process even easier and more reliable by tailoring it to fit the structure of your business.
Emailing a PDF or XPS to your accountant or payroll service provider for processing eliminates an entire level of manual entry, saving time and enhancing accuracy. Though TimeClick can access old records directly from the database at any time, this digital version is an alternative to storing hard copies in filing cabinets and records exactly what was submitted to your payroll service should any mistakes arise.
First, you’ll need to set up TimeClick’s print preferences.
1. Right click on the TimeClick icon.
2. Select Open File Location.
3. Find and open the TCForm file.
4. If it doesn’t open automatically, open it with Notepad.
5. The bottom line says “SETPRTDIALOG 1”. Change the 1 to a 3 and save the file.
6. Now, when you run a report, a Preferences window will pop up. This is only for the print preview. You can just select “Print” for now.
7. After everything meets your approval, you can now select “Print” and the Preferences window will pop up again.
8. This time, change the default printer to a PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer and save it to any location you prefer.
9. Email the document to your payroll processor. You may also choose to save these for your own records.


timetracking report2


Best—Excel Files

TimeClick’s ability to extract any of its reports is a powerful feature which allows you to export directly to a .CSV (Excel) file. You can further sort and manipulate the cells to configure them to your own needs and ultimately import them directly into another program.
1. After logging on as the TimeClick Administrator, go to Preferences, then Passwords & Misc.
2. Check the box labelled “Create Data Extraction File” to enable the feature.
3. Return to the main Administrative menu, then Reports.
4. Run any of TimeClick’s reports with the preferences you choose.
5. Close the report. All of that data is now in a file, waiting to be extracted into a .CSV.
6. Select “Open Extraction File” on the first page of the Reports menu.
7. You will now have an open Excel file similar to the one below.


timetracking report3


These diverse output formats are just one way our timetracking software simplifies the payroll process. Download our free 30 day trial to see how we can help you track accruals, comply with legislation, minimize overtime, and save you money!