TimeClick Custom Reports

Customizing Hours Reports in Excel

Custom Reports for your Business

TimeClick has introduced a custom report service to accommodate users with unique reporting requirements. We can connect the TimeClick database to Excel and create a report that meets all of your specifications.

  • Access to the data in real time
  • Clean layout for easy visualization
  • Flexible reporting to meet your exact specifications
  • Work directly with our design team to create and implement
  • Affordable one-time fee

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Examples: Multi-office Overtime Report | Daily Auto-Lunch Deduction

Multi-office Overtime Report

Family Medical Group of Silverton is a multi-office medical practice with employees who work at an urgent care facility and family practice facility. Both facilities are under the same umbrella corporation, but are paid from different payroll accounts. This means each employee has two time cards that must be combined for overtime calculation. The Finance Manager would spend roughly 4 hours each pay period combining employee time cards to determine who had reached overtime. When someone worked overtime, it had to be determined which practice would pay for the overtime.

There is no off the shelf time clock product that could perform the necessary calculations for their overtime purposes. We were able to create an Excel report that connects directly to the TimeClick database. The report determines who received overtime and then assigns the overtime to the appropriate practice based on the corporation’s specific criteria. The report gives a combined total and then shows a breakdown of hours from each facility. The Finance Manager can now quickly scan the report to find all the information needed for input into payroll. What took hours now takes seconds.

Note: Employee names and data have been changed to protect identity and simplify the report.

Daily Auto-Lunch Deduction Report with Accumulating Totals

R&C Fence, Inc. is a fence contractor who has very specific lunch deduction functionality and reporting. They wanted to auto deduct different amounts of time for lunches, dependent on the employees’ department. They use a payroll package that requires them to input daily totals hours after the lunch deduction. The overtime an employee accumulates throughout the week needed to be deducted from the daily regular hours from each day after they reach 40 hours.

The payroll manager wanted a running total of hours throughout the week as a check when she was entering the daily hours into the payroll system. The HR manager wanted a column to distinguish paid hours from unpaid hours. That is a lot of information to include on one report, but now instead of manually adding up time cards or using a product that required them to run 3 different reports to obtain all the information that they needed. We were able to create them a report that satisfied all of their needs in a single Excel workbook.

Note: Employee names and data have been changed to protect identity and simplify the report.