TimeClick Software Features

Software Features
LITE Single Station Network License
Maximum Employees 4 Unlimited Unlimited
SQL Database
Employee Status Screen
Adjust Employee Status Screen
Multiple Computers    
Employee Time Tracking      
Employees Personal Information
Hours Worked & Overtime Worked
Supports Night Shifts
Supports all Pay Period Types
Submit Missed Time Request
Modify Existing Clock Records
Add New Clock Records
Add Vacation, Holiday, and Sick Time
Add Bereavement, Other and PTO time
Mass Entries
Monitor Where Employees Clock In/Out From
Employee Messages
Employees Can Add Their Own Vacation, Sick, or Holiday Time
Employees Can Add PTO, Bereavement, Other Time, etc.
Employee Schedule
Prevent Clocking In Outside Scheduled Start Time
Auto Lunch Deduction
Job Tracking
Department Tracking
Messaging System
Track Paid or Unpaid Breaks
Administration Mode      
Administration Mode
Restricted Administration
Audit Tracking of All Administrative Time Entry Modifications
Sync Client Time to Server    
Integration with QuickBooks
Employees Can View Their Own Hours
Hours Report
Condensed Report
Summary Report
Department/Job Reports
Punctuality Report
Employee Profile Report
Accrued Time History
Employee Schedule Report
Configure Overtime Rules
Signature Line On the Reports
Employee Profile Report
Round to the Nearest 1, 5, 10, and 15 Minutes
Access to Past Payroll Periods
Export Time Reports
Choose Items to be Included on Report
Save Custom Report Settings
Sort Alphabetically or by Employee ID
Adjust Font Size on the Report
Accrued Time      
Accrue Time per Hour Worked
Accrue Time Annually
Accrue Time on Anniversary Date
Accrue Time per Pay Period
Create Unlimited Accrued Time Rates
Accrues Vacation, Sick, and PTO Time Automatically
Adjust Vacation, Sick and PTO Time
Employees Can View Their Own Accrued Times
Employees Can Request Time Off
Admin Receives Notification When Time Off is Requested