TimeClick Features

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Employee Interface

TimeClick is easy for employees to use.

Simply select the name.

Enter the password.


  • Clock In/Out
  • Begin/Finish Paid Break
  • Write Message for Admin

And that's it. Simple.

TimeClick on a Laptop

Administration Mode

Administration Mode is your one-stop for admin functions within TimeClick.

Modify Times

Admins can quickly and easily fix employee times, so there's no headache when an employee forgets to clock out. Or clocks in late. Or eats some bad sushi on their lunch break and takes the rest of the day off... You get the idea.

Add a Time Record
TimeClick Sample Report

Run Reports

Imagine hiring someone that keeps your employees 100% honest on their time cards, does all kinds of mathematical magic to find any hours-related measurement you could want, and does it all with the click of a button.

Meet TimeClick Reports.

QuickBooks Integration

You asked for it, we delivered. TimeClick now integrates with QuickBooks, so getting ready for payroll is even easier. Learn More.

Add a Time Record


Admin mode also offers features like Mass Entries, where you can add times (like a holiday) for all of your employees at once, and multiple levels of administration, so you can offer restricted settings to lower-level admins.

See a full list of admin features.


Customize TimeClick to fit your needs.

Make TimeClick work for you

TimeClick Preferences allow you to:

  • Choose Your Pay Period
  • (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly)
  • Round Employee Clock Actions
  • Limit Employee Options
  • Adjust the Employee Interface Display
Admin Options Menu

Advanced Employee

Put the power in your employees' hands.

View Hours

Employees are able to run a report to view their own hours. This password-protected report will allow an employee to choose a custom date range and see their total hours. This optional setting lets employees be responsible for their own hours instead of an admin constantly having to follow up.

View Hours Dates
Staff Options Menu

Staff Options

Depending on your settings, employees are able to access the Staff Options menu, which lets employees change their password and also allows them to submit time to be reviewed by an admin such as sick time, holiday, vacation, and others.


Employees can also view their total available Sick, Vacation, and PTO hours.

See a full list of employee features

Advanced Administration

When the basics just won't cut it.

Track Accruals Like PTO, Sick, and Vacation Time

TimeClick's Accruals Feature means that tracking PTO, Sick, and Vacation time has never been easier. Whether your employees earn time by hours worked or pay period, TimeClick allows you to set up multiple accrual levels so you can track what is earned and what is used without breaking a sweat.

Set Accruals


Other advanced TimeClick features include auto lunch deduction and workstation time sync. TimeClick also includes a list of auditing tools that allow admins to view altered times and tracks clock actions to specific computers.

See a full list of admin features

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Development Timeline

Always Improving.

We take user feedback seriously. Here's what we're doing with it.
Our development timeline shows the features that our developers are working hard to include in future releases. Expect to see features at the top sooner than ones farther down.

TimeClick Upgrade

Manage Licenses within TimeClick
Interface Design Update
Updated Semi-Monthly OT Reports


Automated Back-ups

TimeClick will automatically back up your database

Mobile Application

TimeClick will be accessible through a mobile application

Hosted Cloud
Time Clock Solution

TimeClick will offer a hosted time clock that runs through the cloud



Development Timeline

QuickBooks Integration

TimeClick integrates with QuickBooks—our most
requested feature!


Integrate with Other Payroll Software

TimeClick integrates with Paychex, ADP, and Sage


Employees can clock in and out with a fingerprint scanning device