Reports — Eliminate Frustrating Time Cards

TimeClick's 18 built-in reports give you the flexibility to get the employee time data in the format you need. From a basic time summary to detailed clock action reports, TimeClick can do it all for any date range.

Detailed Employee Hours

Generate for an individual, department, or all employees. This report shows detailed clock actions and messages for each day in the pay period.

TimeClick Employee Hours Report Example

Overtime Breakdown

This weekly breakdown cleans up all of the clock actions and summarizes the totals. Great for scanning and getting the exact information you need. Easily set up options for daily or weekly overtime calculation.

Overtime Hours Report Example

Pay Period Summary

No more hours and hours of organizing time cards and tedious arithmetic. All the totals for all the employees, right here.

Combined Hours and Overtime Summary Report

Accrual Balance Snapshot

The beauty of this report is that it presents all of your employees' earned and unused hours. Nothing more nothing less. Allowing you to make quick decisions for time off requests.

Accrual Balance Snapshot Report Example

Need a .CSV?

Any report can be exported to a .CSV for data manipulation and importing into your payroll software.

See Reports In Action

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