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See what our customers are saying about TimeClick. Many of these customer reviews come from our product page on Capterra.com, where we hold 5-star ratings for Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Overall Quality.

Ease of Use

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Customer Service

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Eliminate Frustration

5 Stars

…Our law firm has been using TimeClick for over 14 years…

By Paulette Waltz, Ken Nunn Law Office, Bloomington, Indiana

"Our law firm has been using TimeClick for over 14 years and it's a huge timesaver for our bookkeeping department and for our employees. TimeClick takes all the guesswork out of recording employee hours worked. Plus the reports are great for tracking overall attendance and the status screen lets us easily see who's here at any given time. With 3 floors of workers, that's an added bonus. Finally, if you ever have a question or an issue, the customer service from the support department is outstanding. Thanks TimeClick for keeping us on track."

5 Stars

…payroll is no longer a headache…

By Ross, Golf Course Director, New Mexico

"I don't know what we ever did without it. I feel sorry for people who are in the dark ages and are still manually calculating cumbersome and messy timecards. I actually don't dread payday now because TimeClick makes it so simple and easy. I do in minutes what use to take hours. It wasn't hard for me to decide if I wanted to figure timecards or play nine holes of golf. That's how much time I save every time payroll has to be processed!"

5 Stars

…The product quality is amazing…

By Sharon, Ogborn Mihm, LLP

"All you need to do is find your name, type in your password and let the program take care of everything else! I think the product quality is amazing. It will help keep efficient track of your employee's time, even their breaks and lunch hours. It is very easy to use, so even the most technologically challenged employee will be able to master this program"

5 Stars

…I'm still discovering useful tools built into the program…

By Susan Shaw, Sneed's Hardware, Oxford, MS

"We have been using TimeClick for about 6 months now and we've been very pleased with the software! The setup and operation is very simple and user friendly. I'm still discovering (and utilizing) useful tools built into the program!"

5 Stars

…It has made timekeeping so much easier…

By Barbara Sadler, Bailey's Ace Hardware

"We are users of TimeClick and thoroughly enjoy the product. It has made timekeeping so much easier for our three stores. We have had power outages and lost the directory and employee information, but the technical pros at TimeClick fixed the problem!"

5 Stars

…TimeClick has really helped our business become more efficient…

By Paul Owens, Ace Hardware of Rolesville, Rolesville, NC

"TimeClick has really helped our business become more efficient. Before employees signed in and out in a notebook and then payroll was done by hand. Twice a month I would spend at least an hour totaling hours for our employees. With TimeClick, a couple clicks of a button and I have a printed report with totaled hours including overtime. Makes my life a lot easier!"

Reduce Hassle

5 Stars

…it's very, very friendly and easy to use…

By S.J., Computer hardware and software reseller, Missoula, MT

"We recommend TimeClick to all of our clients who are looking for TimeClick software. It's very, very friendly and easy to use. Our clients love it. It's so inexpensive and not complicated at all."

5 Stars

…The ability to network onto several computers was a big plus…

By Dave Rhude, Cactus Ace Hardware, Tucson, AZ

"We had another time clock program for several years but after they went out of business we had to search for a new one. We tested several and settled on TimeClick. It works great and is simple to use. The ability to network it onto several computers was also a big plus for our business."

5 Stars

…The staff appreciates the ease of entering their information…

By Stu Lieblich, DMD , Avon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, L.L.P., Avon, CT

"Our office has used TimeClick software for over 10 years and could not be more pleased. The staff appreciate the ease of entering their information and can also check their hours worked, accrued benefits, etc. with ease. Our payroll manager appreciates the well formatted reports allowing fast posting of time worked, overtime and vacation/sick time benefits. I've found their technical support readily available, solving whatever issues we've had with just one phone call. A great program for our office team!"

5 Stars

…This product is superior…

By John Lawrence, Smith Veterinary

"All the functions, whether adding employees or writing reports, have the same basic flow pattern. I wanted a seamless clock system with good support. This product is superior to our previous time clock management software. They are very helpful. They also have great personalities and are attentive to my needs."

5 Stars

…TimeClick does it all automatically…

By K.H., Veterinary Hospital, Chandler, AZ

"I just love TimeClick. It has sure simplified my job. I hated adding up timecard hours and now TimeClick does it all for me automatically. We'd be lost without it. We've recommended it to all of our business associates."

5 Stars

…Just give it a try…

By Jimmy Curtis, Four States Fair Association

"It allows us to deploy the time clock software in several locations on our fairgrounds. That makes it easier for our employees, both full time and part time, to have a convenient place to clock in and out... Just give it a try. It has more features than I have room to tell you about. It works great for us and was easy for the employees to learn to use."

Increase Profitability

5 Stars

…the great thing is the reports…

By Blake, Northern Title Company

"The great thing is the reports. They print out in seconds with the click of a mouse. That is the real value of the program is all the time saved in doing payroll."

5 Stars

…TimeClick saves me a lot of time…

By J.T., Bookkeeper, Manufacturing Plant, Wichita, KS

"TimeClick saves me a lot of time. I really like it. It's a good deal especially at the price. I mostly like the way it so easily calculates the hours as input into our payroll. And the reports are so easy to read."

5 Stars

…The program was very easy to set up…

By John Mandeville, Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome

"The install only took a few minutes. The program was very easy to set up and all of our employees learned how to sign in/out quickly. TimeClick will save many hours of labor by allowing the department supervisors to modify their employees’ times instead of all of it falling on the payroll department."

5 Stars

…It's an inexpensive way to have a computer time clock…

By Glen Ortel, Ace Hardware, Tucson, AZ

"Yes, it's an inexpensive way to have a computer time clock without all the headaches of a traditional time clock than having to post time to your accounting system"

5 Stars

…TimeClick takes away the stress of looking through pages of spreadsheets…

By Alison Bennett, Vantage Pointe Financial Group

"In a fast paced, busy environment such as a Financial/Insurance service industry like ours, TimeClick takes away the stress of looking through pages of excel spreadsheets and "hoping" people are reporting their time correctly! And it's extremely user friendly to make corrections or print reports. TimeClick actually SAVES time!"

Outstanding Support

5 Stars

…The great thing is that they are based in the United States…

By Diane Singleton, Foote Insurance

"It is very user-friendly...I like the holiday, paid time off, and vacation features. I only have to enter total hours instead of starting and ending times. The TimeClick personnel are very nice and friendly. They are knowledgeable. The great thing is that they are based in the United States. TimeClick is a local company, which is one of the biggest concerns I always have when dealing with software. Being a local company is a huge benefit and was a big reason why we purchased the software."

5 Stars

…the TimeClick staff puts customer satisfaction on the top of their priority list…

By V.H., Medical Office, Kenosha, WI

"I am delighted to endorse the TimeClick software program. In addition to the program meeting our TimeClick needs, the customer service has been outstanding! We were having difficulty loading additional workstations in our network. A customer service rep, enthusiastically assisted me. She was patient and thorough. When we were unsuccessful, she put me in touch with a programmer. He offered me his cell number for weekend and after hour calls. It is obvious to me that the TimeClick staff puts customer satisfaction on the top of their priority list. We couldn’t be happier in our office."

5 Stars

…the support services are above and beyond what any company could expect…

By Joann Volker, Northwest Dental Group, Rochester, MN

"TimeClick is easy to use and the support services are above and beyond what any company can/could expect. The support department responds within minutes of any email and are always available upon calling; hardly any waiting time at all. The support team is courteous and friendly and always able to help."

5 Stars

…TimeClick surpassed our needs and at a very cost effective price…

By Julie Dobbins, Library Administrative Assistant

"TimeClick is great! I researched and compared several time clock options before deciding to use TimeClick. We have 32 employees in four separate buildings, so we have some specific needs regarding time and attendance. TimeClick surpassed our needs and at a very cost effective price. A major deciding factor in choosing TimeClick was the customer service—they are fabulous! They are quick to respond and very easy to deal with—I highly recommend TimeClick."

5 Stars

…their customer service is unsurpassed…

By Julie Cunningham, Fourth Judicial Court

"Our office of 70 employees was in need of a way to accurately account for our employees' time and attendance. TimeClick provided the answer! The Reports feature has replaced our time sheets and streamlined our payroll process. TimeClick is easy to install, very user-friendly, and their customer service is unsurpassed."