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TimeClick Support Information

What Support Options do you Offer?
TimeClick offers 30 days of free support from the date of a new license purchase to help you get TimeClick up and running. Thereafter, TimeClick offers per incident fees which are currently $29 for the LITE version and $59 for all other versions. We also offer annual support plans at $49 for the LITE version and starting at $89 for all other versions.

What is an Annual Support Plan?
An Annual Support Plan is an optional service that we provide to help our customers with any technical difficulties they may experience with their TimeClick software. Enrollment in our support plans are available when purchasing a new license. If you already have a TimeClick software license and would like to enroll in a support plan please contact us at (435)753-4102 or through this online form for further details.

What does the support plan include?
With a support plan a customer has access to unlimited telephone, email support, and live chat support*. A support plan that is kept current also includes new releases that are released ensuring the software will continue to be compatible with new operating systems.

What are the benefits of having a support plan?
  • Our U.S. based support team can help you with simple or complex problems
  • The support plan can help save you hundreds of dollars on upgrades/new releases
  • New releases/upgrades ensure your software will continue working on the latest operating systems
  • You may request features you would like to see in upcoming versions

How can we contact technical support? You can contact us at (435) 753-4102 or fill out this online technical support form.

What are the hours of technical support availability?
Our technicians are available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

How long does it take for a technical support question to be answered over email?
If a question is asked during our business hours it normally takes 1 to 2 business hours to get a response. If the question is elevated to a level 2 technician, the response may take up to 24 to 48 hours.

How long does a support plan last?
An annual support plan lasts one year (365 days) and must be renewed within 30 days of expiration to avoid losing access to our latest upgrades/new releases and avoid any late penalty fees.

What if I choose not to renew the support plan?
You will have the option of paying per incident fees for any support assistance you may need. If you decide you would like to re-enroll in an annual support and your support plan has been expired for more than 30 days late penalty fees will apply and a renewal of the support plan will be backdated to its original expiration date. If you have not had a support plan for more than 90 days you will no longer be eligible for an annual support plan that includes upgrades.

What if I choose not to purchase support?
When purchasing the software you will be given the option to enroll in an annual support plan or choose a “pay as you go” service and purchase support with pay per incident fees. The current per incident fee is $59.

*We reserve the right to revise, add to or modify the above policies or service agreement at any time.
Last Revision April 2, 2015.