TimeClick Release News

TimeClick Release News and Notes

TimeClick LE 16

  • QuickBooks payroll integration *Our most requested feature*
  • Remove unused licenses from within the administration mode
  • Set workstation display screen to default to a single department
  • Visual update to main screen and icons
  • Updated the Help Contents and added it to workstations
  • Removed license validation requirements on the server
  • Added auto lunch deduction to grand totals page on reports
  • Added the employee name to the second page of the reports
  • Replaced End-Shift option with Clock Out option
  • Updated the Overtime Hours report and Combined Hours and OT report to support semi-monthly and monthly pay periods that use a weekly overtime
  • Mass entries no longer requires minutes to be entered
  • Fix for report splitting time when working across midnight
  • Overtime Hours report now displays no pay time
  • Fix for blank Accruals report
  • Prevent accruals from being deducted when only a message is entered
  • Removed error message from Combined Hours and OT report
  • Removed support renewal reminder

TimeClick LE 12

  • Enhanced report printing tool with new reports and an improved layout
  • Export time card reports to a .CSV file quickly, with the click of a button
  • Monitor which computers your employees are using to clock in and out from
  • Go green and save your reports electronically in a PDF or XPS format
  • Auto lunch deduction is displayed on the OT and combined time sheet reports
  • Printer and number of copies options for custom print jobs
  • View only the Summary Time Sheet on the combined report
  • Each time sheet report is now viewable in daily decimal hours
  • Permit employees to view their hours with auto lunch deduction and accrual totals

TimeClick LE Service Pack 1

  • Speed optimization pack. Overhaul of the SQL database
  • Run time card reports and clock in or out up to 3 times faster

TimeClick LE 11

  • SQL Database for stronger, more stable performance
  • New SQL Database reduces occurences of data corruption
  • New appears and larger employee status screen layout
  • Ability to Turn Off Messaging on Status Screen
  • Connection to the server via IP Address, enabling TimeClick to be accessed from remote locations
  • Larger Message Size
  • New Telephone List Report
  • New Format Allows Faster development for New Features
  • Other Minor enhancements implemented to help TimeClick run smoother

New TimeClick 10.3 Features Include:

  • End shift action for overnight employees
  • Combined report added to department supervisor login
  • Breakdown of all Misc. Hours on Combined Hours Report
  • Breakdown by week of Total Hours, Regular Hours, and Overtime Hours on Combined Hours Report
  • Employee First Name and Department Number added to Combined Hours Report
  • Break time added to Combined Hours Report
  • All fields in Combined Report added to data extraction file which can be imported into any spreadsheet program
  • Fix to Auto Lunch Deduction time when combined with PTO
  • Scroll bars added to employee list screens for easier navigation
  • Ability to print accruals by department
  • Other technical enhancements and improvements.

New TimeClick 10.0.2 Features Include:

  • Accrue vacation time, sick time, and PTO based on hours worked or pay period worked.
  • Create up to 8 accrual categories. Each category will allow you to assign different accrual rates to employees based on your policies i.e. tenure, salaried employees, part time, etc.
  • Assign employees to these accrual categories through their employee record.
  • Optional employee signature line on reports to confirm correct hours
  • Employees can view their available vacation time, sick time, and PTO balance
  • Other minor technical improvements

New TimeClick 10.0 Features Include:

  • Accrual option automatically accrues vacation time, sick time and PTO based on hours worked
  • Accrual feature also tracks vacation time, sick time, and PTO used
  • AutoLunch feature automatically deducts a specific number of minutes for lunch for all employees on a minimum number of hours worked
  • Audit record report allows you to see what times have been modified, the original time, and who modified them
  • Improved unregister feature allows all workstations to be unregistered from server
  • Default pay period fix to run current pay period if run on last day of pay period
  • Other minor technical improvements

New TimeClick 9.0 features include:

  • Implementation of enhanced security feature
  • Checkbox feature that allows default dates either be the last pay period or the current pay period
  • Ability to select location where TimeClick Data files are backed up to
  • Holiday hours and other hours added to the combined report
  • Modify times dialog box initial tab changed to the action drop down box
  • Automatic registration of workstation
  • Unregister feature - allows user to move TimeClick license to a new computer
  • New Security feature helps to eliminate AULE caused by computer or user error
  • Other technical enhancements

New TimeClick 8.09.3 Features Include:

  • Exportable Report for Payroll Programs #
  • Combined Hours and Overtime Report
  • Department Name on Employee Reports
  • Terminated Employees Removed from Modify Times List and Individual Hours Report List
  • Weekly Overtime Totals for Reports
  • Midnight Feature - creates cut off times for night shifts
  • Totals Only Report Option
  • Daily Totals Report Option

#Standard Payroll Format. If your payroll program requires a different format you may submit that format to our development team by filling out an online support form.